Home Essentials You Need During The Lockdown

Settle your worries today and let us resolve your home woes this lockdown! Here are 5 home essentials services that we think you’ll need during this crucial time.

1.Plumbing Repair 

We all know how frustrating it is to suddenly have things not working properly especially during the lockdown. Since we are spending more time at home, it is important to get these leaks fixed as soon as you can, with the help of our professional plumbers you can get it done the right away during this lockdown.

The longer you wait the more damage can be caused such as flooding or even more damage to your pipes.

2.Aircon Repair

If your aircon refuses to start or begin making odd sounds, it’s probably best to seek professional help. Air Conditioners not only keep you cool but also help circulate cleaner air. This repair service is provided by Tesda certified professionals and the prices are one of the lowest in the market.

3.Refrigerator Repair

Stocked up on your groceries but your fridge stopped working?  Worry not, you can get your fridge repaired during the lockdown with us and maintain the freshness of your poultries and vegetables. 

4.Washing Machine Repair

If your washing machine breaks down and leaves you with loads of laundry to sort out on your own, schedule our repair service now to reduce the risk of further damaging your washing machine.

5.PasaBuy Grocery

During the lockdown, you may want to restock on your groceries but don’t want to leave your house. With the help of our PasaBuy Grocery Service you can get essential goods delivered to your doorstep.

Remember if you need to get it done, just Gawin! We love making your house comfortable and functional, book our home essential services now and get it done during the lockdown. Be entitled to free insurance coverage against damage and theft and more great benefits.