Here are Some of The Best Hipster Apartments We’ve Seen

The hipster culture has introduced the world to lots of new things, most of them rather offbeat and quirky. The hipster subculture is one that is very progressive, often veering off from mainstream culture. The whole practice of coffee drinking and vegan lifestyles was made popular by hipsters, as well as beanie hats and travelling the world to volunteer at various causes.

With all of these counter-culture elements stemming from the hipster community, you can expect hipster apartments to be a place of fun experimentation coupled with quirky accents. Why not scroll down and have a look at what some hipster living spaces look like:

1) Edgy Steampunk Cube

Photo credit: iDesignArch

This loft in Bulgaria was transformed into a quirky, state-of-the-art apartment and the most outstanding feature here would be the dark central ‘cube’ which actually conceals the bathroom. It almost resembles a steampunk fallout bunker and even has characteristic steel bars hanging from the ceiling.

2) Weathered and Bare Walls

Photo credit : Pinterest

One unmistakable characteristic of hipster interiors is the tendency to leave walls bare and unpainted. This means that you’ll see lots of bare cement or red brick walls. In this urban hipster apartment, the walls have been intentionally left as they are, weathered and peeling, as this gives the apartment its own character.

3) Dark and Romantic

Photo credit: Home Designing

This apartment belongs to Denis Krasikov, a Russian gaming magazine editor. You can see the weight and masculinity he has worked into his home, with rather dark accents against a grey and white background. A standout feature would be the chandelier that sports a peace sign and some killer spider legs.

4) Minimalist White Balance

Photo credit: Imagineuweb 

Balance is key in any design and this hipster kitchen does that, with two hanging lamps over a dining table with four comfortable chairs. The row of green plants beside the dining table adds an air of freshness and cleanliness to this kitchen/dining room setup.

5) Unconventional Lights

Photo credit: Qanvast 

Another hallmark of hipster living is the placement of uniquely designed lights around the home. The more unconventional it is, the better. Many modern-day stylists also like incorporating neon lights and large bulbs.

6) Wooden Wall Finishes

Photo credit: Pinterest

This particular bedroom uses a wood finish on the walls to create a rustic atmosphere, and hanging bicycles are a popular decorative item for hipsters, along with multiple framed pictures and bookshelves. Fairy lights and votives are particularly favored for bedrooms as they produce a soft and comforting light.

Hipster interiors can easily be achieved by incorporating several elements into the design of your home. Bare walls, offbeat lighting, wood or cement floors and neutral colors are some of them. You can start transforming your home today with the help of our renovation service contractors and interior designers on Hipster homes are timeless, and often incorporate styles that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

written by Michelle Chee