Get your home ready for CNY 2021 safely

2020 has certainly been a challenging, interesting yet life-changing year for many of us. With 2021 CNY coming soon, being able to celebrate like how we’d used to before the pandemic seems harder. This year, we need to embrace the new normal and tweak how we celebrate this festive season, whether it’s meeting lesser people or having fewer communal meals, it should not stop us from preparing our homes to signal a brand new start of the year. 

Thinking of how to get your home ready for CNY? Here are a few of our top services!

  1. House Cleaning

house cleaning

Hire our trained cleaners to get rid of dust and germs, making your home fresh and clean in a few hours. You are entitled for a reservice if you’re unsatisfied with the service. 

  1. Plumbing Repair

Stop searching for DIY solutions to solve your leaking pipes. Get them inspected, diagnosed and solved by highly expertise plumbers. 

  1. Aircon cleaning

Conduct regular aircon cleaning to get rid of potential allergy triggers such as dust mites and make your indoor air clean and fresh! Enjoy 1 flat rate across any horsepower of aircon chemical cleaning & servicing by our trusted experts.

This year, get your home ready for CNY safely with our PPE equipped experts. From 19th January 2021 to 10th February 2021, enjoy discounts for a variety of home services with us! Rest assured, your safety will be highly prioritized as our professional service providers will carry out their duties while adhering to strict SOPs set as follow: 

  1. Monitoring of body temperature
  2. Usage of face masks, gloves and maintain hand hygiene during service
  3. Physical distance of at least 1 metre between vendor and customer
  4. Go cashless with kaodimpay / gawinpay!

Be sure to continue to book our services to hire trusted service providers. By doing so, you are able to not only make your home comfortable likewise, you are also supporting local small businesses!