Germs lurking in your home

A clean house is great to live in! But how clean is clean? Here are 4 items in your home that is a germ spot!

Stove Knobs

Did you consider that nasty germs may be lurking on your stove knobs while you’re preparing meals? According to a 2011 study, around one-third of stove knobs are filled with yeast and mould. You might be cooking even more often during this crucial period, so you need to make sure that you disinfect it regularly to prevent germs and viruses. 

Kitchen Sink

Food particles from plates can serve as a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella. These harmful bacteria can spread to your food and your hands easily and get you sick! Be sure to clean and sanitized your kitchen sink regularly to kill reduce dangerous bacteria. If you need a professional cleaning team to disinfect your kitchen, think Gawin!


Even though we often dust off our furniture when we see clear signs of dirt and germs, it’s impossible to get rid of harmful microorganisms with just a wipe. Instead, you can opt of an antibacterial spray but for a more thorough cleaning, you can hire our Gawin experts for deeper cleaning. 


Everyone knows how to keep their bathrooms clean, especially the toilet and sink. However, the researcher found that mycobacteria could be living in your showerhead. These harmful bacterias can damage your respiratory system and immune system so you need to disinfect it often, especially during this crucial period.

Say goodbye to harmful bacteria and don’t let your home become their home too. Book our disinfection service to kill germs now! If you need other home essentials service during the lockdown, book us now and our professionals will assist to resolve your problems with your home.