Gawin Celebrates Its First Anniversary

Launched on 24 July 2015, Gawin has served thousands of individuals across 17 cities in Metro Manila over the span of 1 year. We started off as a local branch from The Kaodim Group, one of Southeast Asia’s biggest services marketplaces. Within days, we have successfully bridged the gap between locals and professionals who are experts in various fields such as cleaning, home renovation, automotive, lifestyle management, office management, event planning and many more.

Gawin’s entrance into the Filipino market took the country’s economy by storm, and we continue to serve our users and service professionals through our desire for transparency, professionalism, accountability, and a strong sense of responsibility. Today, equipped with a broad range of incredibly talented service professionals and loyal users, we are pleased to announce that we have expanded into a wide variety of services. Whatever your needs are, we’ll be there for you!

Home Services

cleaning windows

Owning a home requires serious upkeep, but you don’t have to do everything yourself! At Gawin, we offer all sorts of services to keep your home looking clean and cozy, a place that’s always ready to welcome guests or to comfort you on cold, rainy days especially during the typhoon season. Contact our cleaners to give your place a thorough cleanse, or interior designers and home renovators to upgrade the style of your space. Don’t forget about our handy aircond contractors and plumbers as well, because they’ll restore comfort and practicality to your home.

Pest Control Services

pest control services

Whether you’re having a bad case of the termites or rats, sometimes pest sprays or mouse traps just aren’t effective enough. Gawin has a list of exterminators for all those who need to get rid of pests inside or outside the house. All you have to do is fill up the service request form on our website and we will send you quotes from verified pest control experts so you can get the right professionals for the job and be one big leap closer to having a pest-free home!

Food And Beverage Services

catering food

There’s a big party you want to throw but you’re not sure what to feed your guests. Let Gawin handle that for you. With an impressive repertoire for food and beverage services, we provide you a wide selection of caterers who can create mouthwatering dishes that match your guests’ taste palettes.

Photography And Videography Services

wedding photographer professional DSLR

Finding a decent videographer and photographer within your price range can be a chore. But Gawin can spare you all the running around and the panicking because we have a huge range of talented photographers and videographers at your service. When you submit a request for photo and video services, you’ll be given access to view their portfolios, which makes the process of hiring professionals so much easier!

Electrical Services

electrical services

If you’re not a certified electrician, you shouldn’t be fixing the cables by yourself. So leave the experts to the job, because they’ll know what switches to toggle, which wires to snip off, and so forth. We can connect you with expert electricians who can help fix the ground in your circuit, rewire your house, optimise the fibre-optic cables for faster internet, and power up your place in no time.

Moving And Packing Services

packing boxes in living room

We understand that you want trustworthy and professional movers to handle your furniture. Our movers are trained with years of experience in managing and transporting your items so that nothing gets scratched, dented or broken. Whether you’re looking to relocate within the area, or out of state, we have people who can assist you with your big move. We also offer the courier service, should you need someone to deliver a parcel for you. No need to worry about paying for extra shipping fees and other unnecessary expenses, Gawin deals with the fine print and technical process of moving.

Self-Defense Lessons

girl boxing gloves self defense

With the increasing crime rates in the Philippines and around the world, self-defense is a necessary skill. Of course we hope you’ll never have to use it, but it’s always good to have it as a backup. Our dedicated self-defense instructors will teach you how to defend yourself on the open road and how the understanding of this art’s philosophy will benefit your daily life.

Swimming Lessons

man swimming in water

Where floods are a norm, it would benefit you to have swimming as a part of your skill set. Gawin has enlisted many swimming instructors who will patiently guide you through the basics.Whether it’s getting comfortable in water, learning the strokes, or training for an upcoming competition, our Gawin swimming instructors can definitely help you master the strokes and improve your lifestyle.

Event Planning Services

event planner flowers

Planning to host a big celebration but unsure where to start? Gawin’s event planners are backed with tons of experience in managing big crowds, handling the logistics, scouting for venues and planning the best decor that will result in one smashing party!

Accounting Services

budget accounting calculator coins

Balancing books, checking the cash flow, ensuring that everything is organized and accounted for – that’s what an accountant is for. If you feel like you’re driving yourself crazy trying to file your taxes and manage both your personal and professional accounts alone, take a step back and hire a skilled accountant to take care of it for you, so you can focus on your other responsibilities. Leave the digits to the experts.

Check out our website for more services. In just 1 year, we have experienced tremendous growth in our consumer job requests and service enlistments, and now we’re a solid platform in Metro Manila for heaps of professional services – you name it, we have it. Thank you all for your support! We couldn’t have achieved this without our dedicated team of creative individuals, as well as the endorsement from our loyal customers and service providers who have been with us every step of the way. We hope we can continue to assist you with your daily needs! Happy Anniversary, Gawin!