First Contactless Plumbing Video Inspection

Are you currently at home facing leaks, clogs and other plumbing woes during the lockdown? Don’t worry, we have your back! If you’re looking for a contactless solution you can book the first-ever plumbing video inspection for your plumbing needs with us for only PHP30. Convinced yet? Here are a few more reasons why you’ll love our news service.

It’s so simple yet effective

You can book the service through our web or app and get connected to a professional plumber that will give you a 30-minutes consultation to figure out what’s wrong with your pipes. Service is done flexibly where you can specify the date and time of your preference.

It’s so affordable 

What can you get for PHP30 this day? A video plumbing inspection apparently! At PHP30 you can get expert advice on what’s really going on with your pipes. A highly affordable solution for those who need help but don’t want to break the bank.

It’s contactless

The inspection is 100% contactless but highly effective to answer your plumbing questions. You don’t have to worry about getting permission from your building management just yet until you find the solution you need.  We also care about your safety as well as our vendors, therefore we encourage customers to use cashless payments such as bank transfer, GCash, Palawan Express or Cebuana Padala.

Besides the plumbing video inspection, you may need further assistance for your plumbing woes and should opt to book our plumbing installation and plumbing repair services for your home during the lockdown period. We have your back.

Now, are you ready for your online video plumbing inspection? Book it now at only PHP30. If you need more help you can book our home essential services, from aircon, plumbing and more! We’ll get it done for you during the lockdown. Book now!