Find Out Why You Need An Aircon Cleaning Service

Living in the Philippines heat has made it almost a necessity for every home to own an aircon unit. However, once we purchase these units we tend to assume that everything is good until it finally reaches its breaking point and a repair is required, but this does not always have to be the case. With proper aircon cleaning, you can reduce the repairs and increase the lifespan of your air conditioner. Here are a few reasons why you should get your aircon cleaned. 

The interval between services 

If someone asked you when was the last time you serviced your aircon and your answer hits over the year mark then that is a telltale sign that your aircon needs cleaning. The recommended duration is once every 6 months taking to account the usage of your aircon as well. The more you utilise it, the more dust and allergens get caught in it, therefore the more need for aircon cleaning

The placement of your aircon unit 

If your aircon unit is placed in the kitchen, the greasier your aircon unit becomes, the oil particles can become trapped with dust and allergens making your aircon work even less efficient. The recommended duration for servicing your kitchen aircon unit is once every 3 months due to the number of particles that get sucked in your unit making it harder to reach and clean. 

The number of furry friends in your home

The number of pets in your home means the more fur caught in your aircon unit. The recommended servicing frequency is once every 3 months to help you ensure your aircon is running efficiently and not blowing out dust, allergens and fur instead which can trigger your allergies.

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