Everyday Items You Can Clean With!

Did you know that there are items around the house that can be used not only for their main purpose but for cleaning around your home too? Here are a few everyday items you can use to clean around your home.


1. Vinegar




Vinegar is not only good for your health but also amazing as a cleaning agent because of its acidity. Vinegar can be used to get rid of stubborn stains and soap scum. 

One simple cleaning hack that uses vinegar as the cleaning agent is removing stains in your toilet bowl. All you have to do is simply pour some vinegar around the inner lining of the toilet bowl and leave it overnight to work its magic.


2. Toothbrush




Toothbrushes do a real good job scrubbing the dirt, bacteria and food residue in our mouth so naturally, it’ll be a good tool for cleaning tight spaces.

There are already so many cleaning functions people have come up with using the toothbrush. One of which is to clean your bathroom and kitchen faucet, giving it a wipe with a cloth won’t do much. To get rid of the gunk effectively, apply some dishwashing liquid and warm water then give it a scrub using the toothbrush. When you’re done, rinse it off and you’ll be surprised by the shine of the faucet.

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3. Baking soda



Do you see mould growing on your tiles? This is common especially in areas that get moisture and not much sunlight. Relax we have an easy solution for you, mix baking soda, water and some vinegar in a spray bottle then spray it on the affected area. Let it sit for a while then wipe and scrub using a damp cloth.

You can also use the same solution to clean a burnt pan, but this time using an old sponge and scrub it lightly, not too violently as you might scrape the pan.


4. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)




Petroleum jelly also famously recognised as Vaseline is a very good water stain remover. It is most commonly used for water stains on wood and rings on furniture. To remove the stain you just have to apply the jelly on the stained surface and leave it on for 8 hours or overnight.

Once the sitting time is up, take a clean cloth and wipe the jelly off. If the stain is not removed, repeat the process again and leave the Vaseline on for a longer period of time.


5. Lemon




When life gives you lemons, you use it to clean your cutting boards. That’s right, pairing lemon juice with some salt helps remove bacteria and germs on your cutting board. These germs usually come from the raw food you place on the cutting board which seeps into the small creases of the cutting board. Don’t you worry, this hack is crazy simple all you need is a lemon, salt and your energy to scrub the cutting board clean.

First, sprinkle salt across the cutting board generously, then slice the lemon in half and you’re ready to go. Use the flat side of the lemon half and give the cutting board a good scrubbing. After you’re done scrubbing, catch your breath and let it sit for 5 minutes then rinse the cutting board with a sponge and now you have a germ-free cutting board.   

Now that you know about these hacks, share it with your friends and family. Since you’re tired from all that cleaning and scrubbing, hire our professional cleaners so you won’t have to lift a finger and get your home cleaned and enjoy up to 30% OFF selected services this rainy season!