Easy Updos You Can Do Yourself

Some days you roll out of bed and your hair is less than spectacular, instead it looks like maybe a magpie decided to call your hair home. Maybe you have a fancy dinner that just happened to slip your mind tonight.   Don’t just throw your hair into a ponytail or high bun, instead turn that hot mess into a hairstyle that you’d proudly rock throughout the day.

Check out these easy updos that you can easily do right from your home for medium to long hair:

Long Hair

Headband Updo:

This updo is ridiculously simple, all you need is a headband. Simply slip the headband on and tuck your hair into it. Moda Mama here provides a simple to follow video tutorial to get you right there.  

The Gibson Tuck:

Maybe you’re prefer something a little classier for a night out, the Gibson Tuck gives you the timelessness of a classic updo without having to use an entire bottle of hairspray. Sarah Lynn Paige gives us an in-depth step by step breakdown and video tutorial.

Medium Length Hair

Braided Bun:

source: wikihow

All you really need to know is how to tie a braid, and voila! A chic hairstyle that will go with your favorite summer dress. Hairsilver has an easy to follow picture tutorial that will get you there in no time.

Braided Bun 2:

Youtuber Abby Smith has a simple to follow tutorial here on how to style your medium length hair into a super cute messy low bun. All you really need are hair ties and a few roller pins, simple!

Not all of us are blessed with nimble fingers and eyes on the back of our heads to be able to see what we’re doing to our lovely tresses.Whether you simply have a bad hair day, or you have a big day out and you need to tame your flyaways, get a professional hair stylist here to come in and help you with your locks, a surefire way to make sure your hair is always looking on point.

written by Sereena Low