Easy Must-Do Home Preparations for CNY 2020

Find yourself struggling with Chinese New Year preparation? Don’t worry, it is actually easier than you think! Here are some easy must-do preparations before the upcoming CNY that our experts highly recommend. 

  1. Get a new colour for your wall

Nothing is better than the sensation of getting a fresh colour to accompany the special season. You might be considering red to fit the CNY theme or pinks or yellow tones, but for a less bold colour for the season, beige might be the way to go as its neutral colour suits other occasions as well.

Our experts suggest bright colours such as beige as it symbolizes happiness, purity, and joy. If you want to get your home painted before CNY, you can book our painting service experts to help you achieve your desired colour.

2. Repair those plumbing woes

Note that during such celebrations, you do not want your guests to struggle with leaks, clogs and other plumbing problems. Get your home comfortable and practical for your guests. If you need help with those leaky situations, be sure to book our plumbing service and schedule it before CNY. 

3. Prepare decorations

Source: Wall Sticker Home Deco Malaysia

Decorations are definitely a must before every special event! While usually people would prefer lanterns and hanging a few angpaos on their cherry blossom tree, there are other types of unique decorations that you can go for. Our experts recommend meaningful artwork stickers on your wall or Yuan Bao origami artwork as they are just perfect to put on display. Your guests will definitely fall in love with your decoration game!

If you need help preparing for CNY, be sure to book our service experts, from painting, plumbing, aircon and more.