Easy Makeup Tips to Look Fresh and Fabulous

asian woman with blush makeup

Looking fresh and fabulous can go a long way – whether you’re going out with your gal pals for a fun night out, or dressing up for that make-or-break interview, there’s no question that looking your best with some light makeup can make you feel good and confident too.

Applying the right makeup might seem like too much effort to a lot of women, but there are a few simple tricks you can use to spruce up your makeup game with surprising ease. These quick beauty tips are your secret to achieving that fresh, flawless look all day long, and they’re barely time consuming at all!

Concealer Works Wonders

woman applying concealer

Whoever invented concealers is a true genius. Thanks to this miracle tool, looking effortlessly gorgeous has been made a whole lot easier! Plus it’s not difficult or time-consuming to use at all, making it a perfect sidekick for the busy chick. Use concealers in the orange tones (go for the lighter, almost apricot shades) under your eyes to lighten those dark spots or eyebags. This will help you look more awake instantly.  Using concealer as a substitute for foundation is also possible, so if you’re in a rush, just dab concealer on blemishes and you’re good to go.

Blush Isn’t Just For Your Cheeks

blush on eyelidsPhoto credit: cosmopolitan.co.uk

Applying some blush is a great way to add a little more color to your face while keeping it simple and clean. Aside from adding blush to your cheeks, you can also add them to your eyelids – making you look fresh and lively even without having to fuss over the perfect shade of eyeshadow. A simple peach-colored blush would do the trick: a little dab on the cheeks and eyelids, and you will instantly look like you’re wide awake and ready to start the day.

It’s All About The Eyes

Woman applying eyeshadow

One of the things that keep you looking fabulous is your eyes – just one glance at them and people can tell if you’re tired or you’re a big ball of energy today. For an instant fresh look, curl your lashes to accentuate and brighten your eyes. Believe it or not, doing so wouldn’t require that you put on mascara, so if you’re out of mascara and rushing for time, this is your best solution. You can also use brown eyeliner to accentuate your eyes. Brown is more natural than black, which may be too intense for some girls. Brown works with all colors, shapes and sizes, so using this everyday on your eyes won’t be a problem.

Get That Sun-Kissed Look Without Hard-To-Blend Tints

Make-up artist doing make up for young beautiful bride applying wedding make-up

Who knew that getting that sun-kissed look actually doesn’t require a lot of blush or blending? Simply draw on your hand using brown lipstick, coat your fingertips with it, then dab it on areas of your face accentuated by light. You can put a light coat on your forehead, nose and cheeks. Afterwards, blend it with a clean brush. Using brown lipstick instead of powder allows you to control how the color is distributed – and it gives you a shinier, more natural look too, compared to powder.

Apply Highlighter On Your Cheekbones

peach highlighterPhoto credit: temptalia.com

Cheekbones are one of your face’s features that are instantly noticeable, and having cheekbones that stand out can complement your smile. Add a little peach-colored highlighter, drawing from the outer corners of your eyes down to your cheekbones.

There are plenty of beauty tips out there, but these are some of the easiest and quickest ways to inject some color into your face, brighten your eyes and accentuate your lovely features. If you have a big day coming up, it’s always best to hire a professional makeup artist via Gawin so you can get more beauty tips customized especially for you. Our makeup artists are skilled at what they do and will get you looking great and picture-perfect with a wave of the brush!

by Bea Luna