Don’t let the virus get to you!

During this pandemic, it is important for us to be cautious of our surroundings and the things that we’ve been in contact with even when at home. The number of germs and viruses lurking around can be up to the thousands and can potentially be harmful to your health. 

One study conducted in the US found that dishwashing sponges contained the highest number of microorganisms followed by other daily items found in your homes such as doorknobs, kitchen sink, kitchen countertops and toilet seats. Which makes you really think about the fact that your home might not be as clean as you hoped. The good news is you can book our disinfection services to get rid of germs for a healthier and cleaner environment. dusting and wiping, vacuum, mopping, bathroom cleaning, trash removal, and more.

According to The Center for Disease Control, cleaning visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is one of the recommended safety measures to prevent COVID-19 from spreading as well as other unwanted illnesses to arise.

Our experts are professionally trained and are following a stipulated procedure when disinfecting your home in order to get rid of those bacteria and viruses efficiently. Not only are we using an antimicrobial solution which effectively kills bacteria, but it is also non-toxic and has the ability to decompose naturally into mother earth which is definitely a plus point and did we mention It’s also child and pet friendly!

To prevent bacteria from spreading when conducting the disinfection service, the equipment used is cleaned regularly after each service and before using it onto a different surface to avoid any cross-contamination from taking place. 

This disinfection service is available throughout Metro Manila and the process will take approximately 2 hours to be completed. So if you’re looking to get rid of germs and viruses from your space be sure to book our disinfection service during this crucial period.