DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas With Everyday Items

How is your Christmas spirit doing this year? With the pandemic, travel ban and working from home, Christmas may not feel the same, but nevertheless, the holiday must go on! And what better way to get in the Christmas spirit then sparking your crafty side with these 5 DIY decorations. 

Clothes Peg Snowflake 

clothes peg snowflakes

source: etsy

Be it plastic or wooden clothing pegs, you can spray your clothing pegs with white or silver paint, let it dry and glue them into a snowflake pattern. You can also beautify them with some glitters! Do use a small cardboard piece as the center of the snowflake to make them sturdy. You can use your clothes peg snowflake as a Christmas tree ornament or stitch them into a garland for your windows or walls.

Egg Carton Christmas Wreath 

egg carton flower wreath

source: doityourselfskills

Create a poinsettia wreath for your door or wall using an egg carton. Cut the carton, paint it red as flower petals and green to represent the leaves and glue them onto a wreath using a cardboard frame. You may also reuse an old photo frame as support.

T-Shirt Christmas Stockings

christmas stockings

In the midst of decluttering for the new year and you happen to find those knitted sweaters you no longer fancy?  You can simply sew them into a Christmas stocking to decorate your living room with. 

CD Ornament
Xmas tree CD ornamentsource: diy-enthusiast

When was the last time you played a CD? Do you have many of them lying inside your drawer? Declutter them and spark joy by turning them into ornaments for your tree. Wrap them with glittery papers, glue some jewels on them or paint them with your favourite colours, then use ribbons to hang them on the tree.

Glass Jar Fairy Light Holders 

Fairy lights holder

source: Catherine Boorman (Pinterest)

Time to take out a year’s worth of jam and pasta sauce jars from the cabinet and recycle them by painting Christmas colours or create a frosted glass look. You may also want to decorate your jar with ribbons. Light up the fairy lights and have a cozy Christmas movie night with your loved ones.

Unleash your creativity and bring more Chrstmas vibes into your home with these DIY decoration ideas! These are also great as hearty Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Have yourself a merry little Christmas. If you need a little help with getting your home ready, be sure to book our home services for a worry-free holiday.