5 Disney Themed Wedding Ideas That Aren’t Cliché

A Tangled Wedding

Who here grew up on classic Disney? Many of us Millennials were raised on Disney. Who can ever forget Mufasa’s tragic demise, or singing along with beloved Sebastian as he edges Prince Eric on to kiss Ariel. Speaking of singing, no one can resist belting out I’ll Make A Man Out Of You when it is played, no one.

With classic Disney being such an integral part of our generation, there is a natural gravitation towards anything Disney.  So why not your wedding?

It is easy to go overboard with themed weddings, try out these more subtle ways to express your love for all things Disney at your wedding. 

The Wedding Belle

Source: Guff

Instead of having a huge bouquet as a centerpiece, the enchanted rose will certainly equal a blooming bouquet. Just make sure the last petal doesn’t fall before the night ends! 

Be Our Guest

Source: Weddingbells

Be Our Guest, be our guest and join the rest. Is the song stuck in your head now? Get your guests to also hum along to the song while looking for their seat placements. And if you need a caterer for your wedding, just submit a request on Gawin.ph to get free quotes from professional caterers!

Seashell bouquet

Source: Confetti Daydreams

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Your wedding bouquet will certainly be neat. Shells are used in lieu of flowers in this Little Mermaid inspired wedding bouquet. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about your flowers wilting.

Apple Of The Eye

Source: Delish

With wedding favors this adorable, enchanted apples will be the least of your guests worries. Primp up these Snow White inspired wedding favors with rustic handwritten notes to pay tribute to the first ever animated film by Disney.

Last but not least, every Disney movie has a love story weaved into it. Not only that, there is always a musical number that accompanies it. From classics like Once Upon A Dream to more contemporary Disney songs like I See The Light, every Disney themed wedding should have an accompanying playlist. You could curate your own playlist, or check out some already curated ones like this one right here.

Wedding planning is an arduous process, planning your happily ever after shouldn’t feel like a curse placed on you by Maleficent herself. Take a step back and let one of Gawin’s professional wedding photographers or caterers create an enchanting night that will put Cinderella’s ball to shame. Get quotes here!

written by Sereena Low