Decorating With Stripes Can Be Harmful For Your Health

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Eyeing a makeover for your home? If you were particularly hoping to revamp your walls by decorating it with stripes, you may want to think again. Don’t get us wrong – there’s nothing wrong with spicing up your decor by adding a more adventurous twist to your current style. But recent scientific studies point to a compelling argument as to why it might be better to ditch the stripe-patterned walls.

A study conducted by Researchers at the University Medical Center in the Netherlands found that staring at ordered lines – such as repeating parallel stripes – may lead to activities in the brain that pave way for migraines and epileptic seizures. These activities are called ‘gamma oscillations’.

The study mentions that this phenomenon is caused by the fact that human brains are not used to parallel lines such as stripes because we didn’t grow up in an environment where this pattern is frequently used. This is why sharp, repetitive stripes, such as those you may find in wallpapers, pose more of a risk for your health as compared to naturally occurring and less uniform stripes such as those from zebras.

Other patterns you can use for your walls:

Instead, you can opt for alternatives that are just as fabulous but are less of a headache (literally) with these examples.

1. Hanging a tapestry or artwork

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If you want more flexibility, you can opt for a wall with solid-colored paint that matches your interiors and then hang a tapestry or artwork for that bold statement you’re after. In this way, if you get tired of one design, you can easily switch it up without having to redo your entire wall.

2. Odd tiles

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For the kitchen, you can opt for odd tile designs like this one. The tiles are a mix of white, gray and black marble hexagons for that artsy yet sophisticated vibe.

3. Doodle across the wall

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You can opt for something more subtle but still with a flair of style, like these doodle-like drawings on walls. They’re drawn to be artistic renditions of trees, which not only make for a migraine-free wallpaper but a truly zen one too.

4. Wall stickers

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Another way to spruce up your wall decor without spending too much on wall art is through stickers. The best part is you can arrange your stickers any way you like, and choose any set that suits your style – be it in the form of words or gigantic art like in the above photos.

Donning stripes as your new wallpaper may seem like the chicest choice but this may be more costly in the long-run. Not only is it scientifically proven to be migraine-inducing, but it may end up creating an aura that is unwelcoming. Opt instead for wallpaper designs that are just as creative, minus the hassle of headaches. For more designs, consult our interior designers on for free quotes!

written by Bea Luna