Why It’s Really Dangerous To Fix A Broken Aircon By Yourself

The internet has gifted us with access to so much information, and most of the time, it’s been helpful. Gone are the days of having to leave the house to flag down a ride or even shop for clothes. Do-It-Yourself instructions aren’t that hard to find either – simply Googling DIY instructions for anything and everything is definitely possible with a click of the mouse. But there are dangers to subscribing to DIY instructions all the time, and in fact, fixing your aircon by yourself is dangerous. Here’s why it’s a bad idea:

1. There’s no catch-all solution

Photo credit: wikimedia.org
Each AC unit is created differently, so watching DIY YouTube videos claiming “one-size-fits-all” solutions won’t really help. Even if a solution might have worked for an internet DIY “professional,” that does not necessarily mean the same solution might work for your AC. Fixing your aircon takes tremendous amounts of experience and expertise, particularly from professionals who’ve had experience dealing with even the most complex aircon problems.

2. Aircon parts are hard to find

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Even if, by a long shot that you’ve figured out what’s wrong with your aircon, getting substitute parts is tough to do. Not only does your replacement have to fit your budget, you need to guarantee that the supplier is trustworthy too. With the internet these days, it’s easy to claim that suppliers have handled many clients, but it takes a real, experienced professional to source parts at great value, and in particular, parts that won’t easily break down after installment.

3. You might break it even more

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If you installed the wrong parts, or even the right parts but in the wrong way, you may risk breaking the AC unit even more. Aircons may seem to be easy to fix at first glance, but it is composed of many, tiny parts that can be easily damaged if mishandled. Trying to fix your AC unit on your own may not only result in more damage, but more costs as well.

4. You’ll be risking your health 

repairing your aircon
Photo credit: Aircon Servicing
Your AC unit isn’t only composed of parts that can be tinkered with – sometimes, pests and other unwanted guests find their way inside. That said, trying to fix your AC on your own might lead to nasty bites and infections. Aside from this, AC units also contain refrigerants, which, when spilled, can cause chemical burns and also poison your lungs when inhaled. Refrigerants are an odorless gas, so it’s difficult to detect the spill.
Fixing your aircon on your own may seem like the cost-efficient thing to do, but it may actually cause more problems down the line and cost you even more money. From health risks to more damage in your air conditioning unit, the risks are endless. It would be better to leave your aircon repair to a true professional who can fix your aircon faster and more effectively. Submit a request on Gawin.ph to hire an expert at an affordable rate!

written by Bea Luna