Cut Your Cleaning Time In Half!

Cleaning up can be daunting and time-consuming especially with a load of mess around the house. Don’t waste your time and energy, instead use it effectively by following these few cleaning tricks!

1.Clean the whole house, not one room at a time


clean kitchen with apple cider vinegar

This may sound contradicting but focusing on one task at hand and doing it across the house makes cleaning less repetitive and significantly easier.

Scheduling and rotating cleaning tasks more frequently will reduce the workload, save time and keep your home extremely clean. No need to commit to a 2-hour cleaning spree, just spare 10 minutes a day and your good to go.


2.Clear the clutter

Have you been in the situation where you can’t clean properly because of piled up mess? Before starting your cleaning spree, remove and clear the clutter to make it easier for yourself.

Having boxes or piled up the mess can annoy you and make you more reluctant to clean. Avoiding the pile completely will only allow the mess to grow week by week, so do clear up before cleaning up.
3.Make it a group activity

Making a cleaning a group activity does not just make cleaning more fun but it reduces the workload. Delegating tasks evenly to your family members or roommates makes cleaning a quicker and easier process.

If you’re not cut out for cleaning, why not delegate all the work to our professional cleaners. Book our weekly cleaning services and have our cleaners leave your house spotless in no time. Sit back, relax and enjoy your free time while our cleaners clean and if unsatisfied, get a free reservice.