Creative Home DIY Projects That Will Save You Money

There’s nothing more relaxing than returning from work to a beautiful home. Sometimes a fresh-looking home is enough to brighten up our day, which is why a lot of people invest in home decoration and interior design. However, many people assume home improvement have to be expensive, when in reality, they don’t.

Creating a beautiful house that pleases your design aesthetics doesn’t have to hurt your pockets. Here are some creative do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to help you cut back on costs while still getting the effect you want!

Utilize Unused Mason Jars For Table Centerpieces

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You might have clear glass jars you don’t use anymore that are just lying around the kitchen. Transform them into decorative pieces by filling them with flowers and decorating the outside with ribbon, paint or glitter. They make great table centerpieces!


Add Personality With Christmas Lights

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Change up the way your room looks at night by stringing up your Christmas lights on your wall, bed posts or on top of your desk. The warm glow of these lights are enough to get you through a cold, stormy night.

Decorate Your Wall With Washi Tape

washi tape wall
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Do you have a solid-colored wall that you’ve always wanted to jazz up? Save yourself the trouble and financial burden of using paint, and use patterned Washi Tape instead. You can cut out big circles out of them or use thin strips to create rectangular shapes, and paste them on your wall to your liking.

Reuse Old Shoeboxes As Floating Shelves

Shoebox DIY floating shelves
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Don’t throw away those shoe boxes just yet! You can wrap them in colored paper or paint them with any color you like and use them as floating shelves. Stick a smaller shoebox inside a bigger one, add removable mounting tape to the backside, then stick your new shelf on your wall.

Spruce Up Your Pillowcases 

diy painted pillowcasePhoto credit: Tidbits

If you have 100% cotton pillowcases and curtains, you can spruce up the color by soaking it halfway in fabric dye. Use any color you like, as long as they match the couch or the wall!

Paint Your Door

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Painting your door can actually brighten up an area because it’s one of the more noticeable fixtures in a room. Paint your door a color that goes perfectly with the palette of the room – not to blend it in the background, but to accentuate it. For example, if your room has white walls and a cream-colored floor, you can paint your door any bright color and it would still look good!

There are many more DIY home decoration projects you can do aside from those listed here. The simplest thing you can do to brighten up your home is to do some spring cleaning. Simply tidying up your things and throwing out the stuff you no longer need can improve the look of your home tenfold. You can get help in this area by employing professional cleaning services through And when you want to get your home a makeover by adding new interiors or changing up some of your fixtures, you can also enlist the help of professional interior designers and home renovation specialists available on our site.

Got a cool DIY idea to share? We’d love to hear it in the comment box below!

written by Bea Luna