Did You Know About These Common Home DIY Mistakes?

Looking to fix that leaky pipe under your kitchen sink, or give the living room a facelift by giving it a fresh coat of paint? These, in theory, might be simple home DIYs are simple and straightforward. More often than not, home DIYs have many curveballs that are often looked over.

Here are some common ones:

Not Knowing What Supplies You Need

Not many people have an electronic sander lying around their toolkit, or even a toolkit to begin with. Many home DIY projects first start off as a simple project, and sometimes the problem is a lot more complicated than anticipated and might require a lot more tools that you might not have lying around. Well that certainly throws a wrench in your plans. First assess the situation before starting the project and make sure you have your bases covered before diving in headfirst and realizing that you don’t have the appropriate tools to finish the job.

Improper Preparation Before Painting Walls

Painting your walls isn’t at easy as just painting your walls. Are you painting a wall that is outside and exposed to the elements? Is your base color darker than the new color? There is oil based paint and water based paint, and these two bases do not work well with each other so you gotta get a proper primer or stain blocker. If the surface is uneven, remember to sand it down or patch it up before going over with a fresh coat of pain or chipping in the future is a real thing. Yeah, painting your walls isn’t as easy as it is thought to be.

Inaccurate measurements

Small woodworking projects seem pretty straightforward, cut the material to size and put the pieces together, the voila! You’ve got the end result. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, not. Always to factor in the space that the adhesives might need, or maybe your nails are not long enough to hold the pieces together. Sometimes you might lose track of how much material you need and maybe take a little too much off the top.


Unsafe Working Environments

Working around electrical wires can be tricky, especially if its a live wire, and you don’t know where the main source is. Not only that, working with power tools can be dangerous too, breathing in the debris from sawing through materials or improper knowledge in handling these objects is a major cause for concern! Safety always comes first.

source: porch

If you don’t know where to start with a home DIY project, these mistakes can end up costing you more than helping you save a little extra dough. Home DIYs can be daunting, especially if you’re pressed for time and don’t have experience. Fret not, go on to Gawin.ph and look at the myriad of professionals that can help you with whatever fixing needs to be done at home. Get a quote today!