Coach Andy Gives 5 Reasons Why Swimming Is Important

Coach Andy Manaloto has been a swimming coach for 30 years. His experience working as a trainer at various five-star hotels led him to manage professional athletes, celebrities, politicians, and even young toddlers to be comfortable in the water. After his retirement, he came across – an online services platform connecting service providers with everyday consumers – who and that gave him the guts to continue his passion in teaching swimming lessons.

Coach Andy Manaloto Coach Andy Manaloto (rightmost) with fellow lifeguards

Some people might find swimming as costly and time-consuming. You need to have your proper swimwear and gears, and you really need to set a time for yourself to learn such a skill. Others, however, find it hard to start because simply put, they’re afraid of water. Coach Andy promises that it’s fun, safe and will make you happier once you get the hang of it. Below, he lists down five reasons why swimming is important.

You Get A Free Massage

Swimmers at the swimming pool.Underwater photo

“Every splash of water on your body is a massage-in-the-making,” Coach Andy shares. Those who engage in swimming instantly get a free massage – which they call as the hydro massage. Do you ever feel tired or hungry after taking a dip in the pool? Well, it’s primarily because of the hydro massage.

It Has Essential Benefits For Your Body

young woman is swimming in the pool

Swimming helps keep a healthy circulation in your bloodstream. In every movement of your limb, you stretch your body and exert energy constantly, which enhances blood circulation. Swimming flushes your veins, arteries and capillaries, which helps warm the body’s extremities. Also, according to Coach Andy, swimming is beneficial to our respiratory system. “When you swim, you do a lot of bubbling on water, which in turn strengthens your lungs,” he adds.

Swimming Gives Instant Relaxation

Fit woman swimming with swimming hat

You might feel tired or hungry after swimming for hours but you’ll also notice that you’re having those feel-good emotions. When one swims in water, it helps bring focus and gets rid of the unnecessary distractions. Stretching and plus rhythmic breathing surely results to in utmost relaxation. You’d definitely say goodbye to stress and depression!

It Boosts Confidence


Those who know how to swim have higher levels of confidence and drown-deterrent knowledge, according to Coach Andy. It’s definitely a life skill that any individual needs. In a place like the Philippines where floods are very common, knowledge on swimming is definitely important to keep us safe and alive.

Swimming Is The Best Exercise

swimming Photo courtesy of Coach Andy Manaloto

For Coach Andy, swimming is the best exercise that our body needs. Aside from the endorphins that the body releases when swimming, it burns calories and helps you to maintain flexibility. “You create an energy while the water stops you from moving,” says Coach Andy. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the sweat. Get stronger muscles while you enjoy swimming in the cold water!

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written by Ronica Valdeavilla