Cleaning Game Plan for Busy People

No one appreciates a fresh and clean home more than us. But let’s be real, juggling between work and social life leaves almost no room for us to keep up with Marie Kondo’s cleaning standards. Fret not, let’s awaken the cleaning beast within you.

How to achieve a pristine home, you ask? Having a systematic routine not only ensures a realistic cleaning schedule, but it also gives us the best feeling of accomplishment. We can start by structuring our routines to 3 parts; Morning, Evening and Weekends.


Morning Routine:

Make the bed while you are at it.

Before you leave the bed, take a few seconds to straighten out the sheets and blankets. And ta-da! You have a crisp bed to come back to after a long day. Also, it makes it much harder to crawl back to bed.

Make your bed
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Toss your laundry into the washer right after you wake up.

This will give you enough time to throw your load of wash into the dryer just before you leave for work. Or you could leave your load in the washer. Turns out, the home-keeping guru herself, Martha Stewart says it is perfectly fine when she was asked on TODAY show regarding leaving wet clothes in the washer overnight. She jokingly added that the worst thing that could happen is “nothing will happen”.

Be sure that your washer and dryer are in pristine condition to get your laundry done quickly! If you need repair help, just hire our experts on Gawin.

Do the dishes right after breakfast (and every other meal).

It is way easier to quickly wash up the dishes as soon as it exist than coming home after with a sink full of dishes. This is a great habit to pick on too!

Do the dishes after every meal
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Take a hot shower and let the steam do the work.

A quick wipe on the bathroom counter, sink and mirror with the help of the warm steam is all it takes to have a shining bathroom. Here’s a pro-tip, keep a mini cleaning kit in the bathroom so you can to do more whenever you have that extra 7 minutes. To skip all that trouble, you can also just hire cleaning experts to get your bathroom cleaned weekly.

Take a hot shower
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Evening Routine:

Put everything right where it belongs upon entry.

Line up your shoes, put keys in the bowl, sort out mails and place bags in the room or study. This not only tidy ups your entry but it also makes sure you do not misplace your belongings.

Put everything where it belongs upon entry
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Clean as you cook.

They are only two types of cooks in this world. The ones who cleans as they cook and the ones that don’t. Be the former. Before you begin cooking, wipe surfaces, place things back and throw in a quick sweep from all the pre-cooking. Once your meal is ready, quickly rinse all utensils in the sink as it will make washing the dishes after much easier.

Neaten up hot-spots.

Before heading to bed, take a walk through the living room and TV area, tidy up the sofa, put things back where it belongs, wipe dusty surfaces and voila! You are done for the day.

Neaten up hot spots
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After a long week, you deserve some me time! Don’t be so hard on yourself with chores. Instead, select chores that will not drain you or take away from your fun time. If you are feeling extra productive, here are some options you can choose from:

  • Mop and Vacuum floors
  • Wash bed sheets and towels
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean fridge

Find the perfect time to fit in chores while you are enjoying your weekend. For instance, clean your bathroom just before you shower or as you sing in the shower, clear your fridge just before you head out to the market and everything else as you go.



Too many things to clean? Don’t stress yourself over this – just hire our cleaning experts on Gawin to make your home spick and span!

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