The Christmas Checklist For Your Home

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! It’s never too late to make some last-minute holiday preparations for your home with us. Let us help make this holiday warm, fun and enjoyable for you and your family this holiday season. Here are a few services you might want to check out.

House Cleaning

House cleaning

The year 2020 has been a year where we have spent most of our time at home, compared to previous years. Our home has become our workplace, restaurant, gym and school. As we bring in our outside lives into our home, it is inevitable that we may neglect and build an overwhelming amount of clutter and mess. With the guests arriving soon this Christmas, you may want to spare your time and energy for the fun part. Hire a professional house cleaning service to efficiently make your home sparkle this holiday season! 

Sofa cleaning

sofa cleaning

It’s the time of the year to gather with your close ones. The sofa is the centre of the house where you can share a laugh, snack and spend quality time together. The sofa is often placed near frequently opened doors and windows, so you should not be surprised about the yucky creatures such as dust mites, bacteria, dust and mould that have accumulated over the years. Let’s not ignore the cookie crumble and coffee stains! Depending on the material it is crucial to clean your sofa according to the cleaning instructions given. In order to ease your burden, opt for a professional sofa cleaning now to remove any gunk for a comfy sofa to snug on.  

Aircon Services
Aircond cleaning

Living in a tropical climate that is humid all year, makes aircon servicing even more important. Do you know that you are supposed to get your aircon serviced every 3-6 months? Regular servicing can prolong the lifespan of your aircon and ensure it’s in tip-top condition. We may not experience a white Christmas but we can certainly replicate the cooling or freezing effect with a well-serviced aircon

Lighting installation

Home Lighting

Lighting installation plays an important role in setting the overall mood of the space. Get creative and play around with lights at home to achieve the mood you want. Thinking of changing up your lights for a cosy ambience to fit the holiday vibe but have no idea how to install them? Reach out to our experienced lighting technicians now. 

Better late than never, it’s not too late to start prepping your home for the holidays. If you are looking to clean your home, get repairs done, or add some home TLC this Christmas, be sure to check out our home services this holiday season.