How To Clean Your Carpet And What To Avoid

Nowadays carpets are being replaced by laminated wooden floors and tiles as they are easier to maintain, but these floorings do not have the comfort or a carpet. So instead of carpeting the living area, some people opt to just carpet their bedrooms and have an area rug for their living spaces. But this does not mean that the rug doesn’t require the same upkeep as a wall to wall carpet. Here’s how you can maintain clean and beautiful carpets in your home:

source: The Interiors Addict


Rub on stains

You’ve accidentally spilled a glass of red wine all over your carpet, and your first instinct is to grab a rag and rub the stain right out of the carpet. Stop! Rubbing on a stain will cause it to spread, not go away. Fight your instincts and instead, blot gently on the stained area with some water and a mild cleaning agent. 

Use Harsh Cleaning Agents

Don’t use cleaning agents that contain hydrogen peroxide. This will bleach and lighten your carpet, and even damage the fibers. Instead get a cleaning agent that is gentle, or even better – invest in proper carpet cleaners.

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Let wet surfaces air dry

If you accidentally spill water all over your carpet, try to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. As the liquid can seep into the bottom of the carpet and that would take a lot more time to dry. Bacteria and mold thrive in damp areas, so if you ever find a wet spot on your carpet – grab a rag or a paper towel and try to take out as much moisture as possible.


Constantly vacuum

Carpets are notorious for trapping loose sediment and worst of all, hair. So vacuum your carpets at least 3 times a week to keep them from looking dull. Removing the excess dust and sediment also helps your carpet fibers fluff up and not get bogged down.

source: Bob Cassidy

Rotate your furniture

Leaving furniture on a set spot on your carpet long term will leave a dent. Make sure you move your furniture around every 2-3 months to prevent the dent from settling in. You don’t need to rearrange the entire space, move your furniture one feet to the right or rotate them at a slight angle.

Hire a trusted professional!

Carpet maintenance is no easy feat, and sometimes you might not want to vacuum every other day. So why not get a professional do it for you. Get one of’s trusted carpet cleaners in Metro Manila to help you get your carpet and home spick and span today!