Accent Walls That Would Give Your Home an “Oomph”

An accent wall is a wall that’s designed differently from all the other walls in the room. It can have a different color or texture. By having an accent wall, you create a focal point in the room, it adds an excitement and emphasis on an otherwise boring and boxy room. If done wrong, it can create confusion and might look terrible. Look into hiring contractors and interior designers from

Deciding which wall should be the accent wall

Okay, before you paint whatever wall you want, here are some things you should consider:

  • Accent walls look better when they’re covering a whole area, meaning no doors or windows. Light from windows will take away the focus from your gorgeous wall.
  • Does your room have a focal point already? You might want to make it stand out more or highlight it with a fresh paint.
  • Do the other walls have big pieces that are taking the spotlight? If you have an accent wall and a big painting on a different wall, and a big mirror on another wall, it might create design confusion. Your accent wall is the star or where the star of the room should be.

Here’s a bunch of pictures for inspiration:

Painted accent walls

The basic and easiest way to make an accent wall is by painting it. It can be a darker color or a color that would complement the color scheme of the entire room.

Navy Blue Accent Wall in Bedroom
Photo from Pinterest

In the bedroom, the easy pick for the accent wall is the wall where the headboard is.

Pink Baby Room Accent Wall
Photo from Pinterest

The color can also be neutral and it can still look gorgeous. It really depends on what you’re aiming for.

A long, narrow hallway can end with an accent wall to trick the eyes into thinking it’s closer to you than it actually is.

Geometric painting accent wall
Photo from Pinterest

It doesn’t also have to be one color! Try painting geometric shapes.

Ombre Painted Accent Wall
Photo from Better Homes and Gardens

Ombre also works and is visually stunning.

Textured Accent Walls

Is painting too plain for you? Here are some gorgeous textured walls that bring the “oomph” to a whole new level!

Kitchen Accent Wall - Textured
Photo from Pinterest

Using molding to create a neat pattern and painting it the same paint to reveal some shadows added a classy pizzazz to this kitchen wall.

Another gorgeous hexagon pattern made with molding.

Wood Pallet Entertainment Wall
Photo from Pinterest

Wood pallets are trendy if you’re into rustic designs. They add depth and character.

Another rustic look option you can go for is by using reclaimed wood. It looks so cozy!

A brick wall is so industrial. It looks and feels very New York-y. It’s got that cool, millennial from Brooklyn vibe.

If you’re interested in having your own accent wall at home but can’t risk making a disastrous mistake, you can hire contractors and interior designers here.