9 Cool Things to Have For A Good Night Sleep

With work having so much deadlines and other priorities we have to attend to, worry starts to fill our heads and getting enough sleep becomes impossible. Don’t stress yourself more but rather, try to relax your minds to prepare you for dream world. If counting the sheep won’t work for you, it might be better to have these cool things that can help you get a good night sleep.

Charming Pillowcases

the little prince pillow Photo credit: aliexpress.com

Find a pillowcase that rings with your soul. It’s your room so fill it with things that make you feel comfortable and at ease. Besides, having your favorite theme on your pillow can jumpstart your day with a smile.

An Air Humidifier

air humidifier Photo credit: ourincense.com

Having an air humidifier in your room ensures that the air won’t get stuffy. It will let you breathe in smoothly without worrying about the germs and dust that might clog up your nose. Some humidifiers also double as an incense burner to help you relax.

Thick, Wool Blanket

thick, wool blanket Photo credit: craftsy.com

The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to have a cozy, warm blanket wrapping you up like a sushi or a cocoon. Blankets are soft and maintain your body temperature so that you can sleep without any disturbances.

A Sound Dock

black sound dock with clock Photo credit: amazon.com

Get a sound dock which can double as both your clock and source of music. Play classical music or soft, soothing instrumental soundtracks to soothe your mind and senses. This will definitely help you fall asleep in no time.

Hidden Drawer For Your Books

hidden drawer underneath the bed Photo credit: pinterest.com

Wondering where to keep all the novels you want to read before going to bed? Want to break your heart over your favorite ship that has sunk after five chapters? Having a drawer under your bed not only keeps your books near you but also helps conserve space.

Scented Oils

essential oil bottles Photo credit: essentialoilsanctuary.com

Since light bulbs emit some heat, you can smear some oils on your lamp and let the scent of the oils fill your room. And when you choose a soothing scent, it’ll soothe your worries away and let you sleep without problems.

Soft, Cottony Comforter

white comforters Photo credit: thesweethome.com

Having a really soft comforter helps you catch the zzz’s you need. It helps bring a comfortable feeling that everybody seeks when they dream of clouds. Buy the one that’s easy to clean and has a cottony soft texture that will put you to sleep easily.

Reddish Light Lamp

reddish light lamp Photo credit: popularmechanics.com

Having the right type of light in your room will help you sleep better. Studies show that one is exposed to red light, chances are, it will help him or help catch sleep easily.

Wonderful Potted Plants

jasmine plant Photo credit: naturallivingideas.com

Plants don’t only brighten up one’s room but also helps freshen up the air. Some plants can absorb specific chemicals that can help clean the air in your room. Plus, these greens are wonderful and relaxing to look at during day time.

A neat and tidy room filled with things that clear the mind and soul lets one enjoy a good night sleep. With these things, one can set his or her mental state to recharge for the next day. Plus, it can also add a more artistic look to your bedroom.

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written by Katherine Gohu