8 Top Color Trends of 2017 That You’ll Love At Home

It’s another new year full of opportunities to take, grow and change. Whether 2016 was fruitful or a year of up’s and down’s, it’s time to leave the past behind and start anew. You can always benefit from changing up some things in your life – from your very own bucket list to coming up with a new home interior design. Check out these trending color schemes for 2017 for some inspiration!

Behr’s Picks

Every year, Behr releases top picks and predictions for the most popular interior design colors. For 2017, they predicted that the trend will lean towards a more personalized space: an interior design palette that suits your personality and style. They named these palettes Comfortable, Composed and Confident.


girls pink bedroom home design Photo credit: housely.com

Subdued and quite akin to your favorite pastels, the Comfortable palette is perfect for those who want their home to feel like a hidden sanctuary where they can lay back, relax and spend a quiet afternoon reading a good book with a good cup of tea. This palette is characterized by pale pinks, blues, greens, yellows and browns.


behr composed Photo credit: elledecor.com

Perfect for those with a more modern-meets-traditional style, the Composed palette is perfect for those who want an edgier, more contemporary look for their home while balancing it out with traditional home elements. From this palette, you can expect a lot of sophisticated grays, toned down deep reds and blues, and earthy greens.


blue green colored living room Photo credit: pinterest.com

From the name itself, the Confident color palette is most likely to attract bold, upbeat types who are eager to show how much spirit they have. Going home to this color palette feels like a refreshing burst of creative energy and might just put that smile on your face after a long, dreary day at work. This palette includes fun colors like bold reds and oranges, royal purples, and eccentric aquas.

Pantone’s Predictions

If you’re one to mix and match on your own creative terms, fret not. Aside from Greenery, Pantone also laid out the colors that will make a statement this year, and you can use these colors however way you like. Check out 5 picks from Pantone’s 9 palette suggestions.


daydreaming color palette Photo credit: brit.co

This palette is perfect for those who love light colors, as it is a combination of pale yellows and greens, alongside pastel pinks and blues. It really feels as though you are in a daydream with this palette.


florabundant color palette Photo credit: brit.co

Just as the name suggests, this color palette is heavy on the flowers and all things floral – including lavish colors that remind you of a lush garden, like reds and pinks.

At Ease

at ease color palette Photo credit: brit.co

This palette is a more subdued version of Daydreaming, with subtle grays mixed into the palette of pastels. At Ease is a more sophisticated sister of Daydreaming, so you wouldn’t be so overwhelmed by too many pastel colors.

Forest Bathing

forest bathing color palette Photo credit: oldworldinteriors.com

Pantone suggests that 2017 will see a year of brighter and more natural colors, and Forest Bathing is the very epitome of this prediction. Full of limes, blue-greens and purples, decorating your home with this palette will make it feel like you’re in the middle of nature, even while indoors.

Native Instincts

Native Instincts Color palette Photo credit: brit.co

Playing in the game of natural palettes, the Native Instinct palette is reminiscent of a love for indigenous culture and art forms, from patterns to color and material. Bolder colors are blended with more subdued earth tones for a complementary design.

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written by Bea Luna