8 Cake Designs You’ll Love To Have At Any Occasion

Ask anyone what they want for an upcoming occasion – birthday, Christmas party, or any gathering – and you may get mixed responses. One would suggest quality time with loved ones, a gadget they’ve been eyeing for a long time now, or maybe even quiet time by the beach. But there’s one thing that never fails to brighten up anyone’s special day. Whatever the occasion may be, a well-designed cake will be loved by everyone! Whether it’s for a reunion or any kind of celebration, these cake designs will surely light up the room.

A Perfect Teasing Way To Congratulate

cake design which teases if it's a girl or a boy Photo credit: Panaderia Aurora

If you’re friends with a couple that’s about to welcome a new member to the family, especially if they want to keep the gender a surprise, this design’s perfect! Send this congratulatory cake and you’re sure to see a smile light up their faces. It shows that you’re supportive and excited for the new baby in a more creative and fun way!

For the Chocolate Lover

chocolate cake with kitkat and m&ms Photo credit: Panaderia Aurora

Who said that chocolate cakes always need to be fudgy and topped with chocolate icing? While those cakes are undeniably delicious, you can go the extra mile and have a custom cake made that blends two classic chocolatey favorites: Kit-Kat and M&M’s. You can explore and mix and match other options too, depending on the favorite chocolate treats of the person you’re giving this too!

To Remind One of Precious Childhood Memories

swimming bonding cake designPhoto credit: Playtime Cakeshop

Whether it’s for a reunion with your childhood best friend, or maybe for your own son or daughter who’s starting to explore the great outdoors, this cake design can serve as a special reminder of cherished childhood moments. You can even model it after certain places which they consider as special and memorable to them!

For the One Who Loves to Travel

travel themed cupcakes Photo credit: Playtime Cakeshop

Got a friend, family member, workmate or even a significant other who adores traveling? On their birthday, you can feed their wanderlust even more with this creatively designed cake. It’s not actually your traditional, layered cake, but instead a collection of small cupcakes each with their own design of a famous travel destination. If you want to be extra creative about it, you can transform the designed destinations into travel destinations the receiver has gone to and/or wants to go to.

Cheers to A Hardworking Retiree

cake design for retirees Photo credit: Spark Desserts

Know someone who’s about to retire – maybe your mom or your dad, or your parents-in-law? There’s probably nothing that can properly convey gratitude for all their hard work, but maybe a creative and funny cake can help. Remind them that the good times in life are about to come their way, and celebrate this very important milestone with them with a cake like this!

For the Potterhead

Harry Potter themed cake Photo credit: Spark Desserts

Any fan of Harry Potter would greatly appreciate this beautifully designed cake, so if you know someone who loves the series – book or movie – this cake would be a great gift! It’s a collection of various items and references from the book, so this cake would definitely bring out the fanboy/fangirl in them. You can even have it redesigned to a different Hogwarts house! This one’s designed with the Gryffindor scarf (and Harry’s glasses), but you can have it switched up with Slytherin’s, Ravenclaw’s, or Hufflepuff’s.

For the Chic and Fabulous Friend

chic and fabulous cake design Photo credit: Cake Break

We all know someone who just epitomizes what it means to be chic and fabulous, and this cake is perfect for them. They’ll be more than happy to receive a cake that not only lets their personality shine through, but also shows how much you adore them. Get them this fabulous cake for an equally fabulous birthday celebration!

A Cake That Shows Their Passion

camera design cake Photo credit: Cake Break

If you have someone in your life whom you know is passionate about photography, he or she will surely love this camera cake design! To add a personal touch, select photos of him or her to put on the cake design. You can also opt to have their best photos on the cake!

Beyond gifts, custom-made cakes are a great way to show someone we appreciate them and love their presence in our lives. It shows that we’d go the extra mile to make their day extra special – while tickling their palettes too.

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written by Bea Luna