7 Work Tables That Are Made From Dreams

The daily grind of being in front of a computer the whole day can take its toll on you so spruce up your work space. While interior designers typically suggest bigger windows and more indoor plants to boost energy in the office, it’s also advisable to make sure your desk matches your work style. Check out these seven desks for some inspiration.

The classic

Photo Credit: modernandclassy.tumblr.com

Even if we’re way beyond the era of dark wooden tables coupled with gold lining, it’s just hard to resist a gorgeous classic work desk. Sending you back to the 1800’s, it almost looks as though all that’s missing is a typewriter! But beyond looks, this table is laden with drawers for your use and spaces at the bottom for your stacks of books.

For the one who needs a lot of room

Photo Credit: codefear.com

Some people need more than one desk – they’re the types who have their morning coffee or afternoon snack at their desks, need a lot of notebooks and books open beside them and probably also need room to write notes. If this sounds like you, this desk might be perfect – it balances sharp edges with curves, and extends the space too.

Always on the go

Photo Credit: codefear.com

If you’ve got space and like to move around a bit, this desk might just be for you. It has wheels and is small enough to be easily transferable anywhere, but it’s also spacious enough for your laptop, a lamp and some books.

The audiophile desk

Photo Credit: brit.co

If you’re the type who loves music – listening to it, writing it, making it, etc. – this table design is perfect for you. You can install and attach speakers into the built-in shelf spaces and open up your work space so much more. And because the speakers are placed right above the desk and nearer to your ears, you can get that full surround-sound experience every time you need it.

The doodle desk

Photo Credit: brit.co

For the people who need a desk for work on their laptop but are still loyal admirers of the good ol’ pen and paper, this desk is for you. The entire table-top is a stack of huge sheets of blank paper you can draw, write, and doodle on. So if you’re constantly on brainstorming mode and need to draw it out, or you know you’re easy to forget and you need to write things down, you might find a whole lot of fun with this desk.

The compact desk

Source: home-designing.com

At first glance, it may seem like your typical desk, and the lack of compartments or storage utility items may be a turn off. But in reality, the compactness of the desk is a feat in itself – there are storage compartments for all of your knick knacks, from your gadgets, to your books, to your files. It’s definitely perfect for those who love to keep their related items in one place, without seeing the mess all the time.

The worknest

Source: home-designing.com

Dubbed the “Worknest,” this desk puts a new spin on your typical work desks. It has built-in spaces for your plants – which are help keep you in a better mood and add some color to the monotony – and compartments to keep you organized. The major feature of this desk is the ladder-like attachment on the desk itself which are perfect for customizing your visuals and also act as a tack board to keep track of things – mementos, dates, reminders, ideas, etc.

Your work space at doesn’t have to be something you dread waking up to every morning. If you want find one of these desks or need a little more inspiration, submit a request to the interior designers on Gawin.ph and break out of your rut.

written by Bea Luna