7 Things To Keep You Busy When You’re Using The Washroom

Did you know the average person spends 1 hour and 45 minutes a week on the toilet? That’s about 92 days in a lifetime!

We visit the washroom to relieve ourselves at least twice a day. If you have an active bowel, you might even make more trips than that. Since we spend so much time on the toilet, why don’t you get creative and make your time in the washroom a fun and productive one?

Here are some ways you can become an ace at multitasking on the toilet.

1. Skincare Routine Sorted

Skincare Sorted
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Don’t know what to do with your hands while you’re on the toilet? Why not get a head start on your skincare routine. You could start by washing your face with facewash and give yourself a short face massage to get your blood circulation flowing. Getting glowy skin while you multitask is always a plus! Besides that, you could put on a face mask while you wait – 10 minutes will pass by quickly.

2. Binge Watch TV Shows

Online Streaming
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When life gets in the way, you just can’t seem to find time to finish that television series that you started a month ago or the travel vlog that your favorite vlogger posted. Now is the time! Kill two birds with one stone by binge-watching all the videos that you’ve missed out on while you’re on the loo.

3. Learn Something New

Audiobooks Podcast
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We know how much of a hassle it can be to bring in a book with you. However, with audiobooks and podcasts available at your fingertips, you don’t have much of an excuse. You’re keeping your hands free!

Just pop on your headphones or connect to a Bluetooth speaker. Stop putting off that book you’ve been meaning to finish. If books are not your thing, you could always start listening to podcasts. Learn new things knowledgeable and all while you’re on the loo.

4. Swipe Left

Online Dating
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Online dating apps could be useful in times like this. Your soulmate could be a swipe away, so start swiping as you sit in the comfort of your washroom. It’ll make for a funny story when you tell the story of how the two of you matched – while you were sitting on the toilet.

5. Put It In The Cart

Online Shoping
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This may burn a hole in your wallet but we know you’ve been eyeing those newly released sneakers. The best purchases are usually made while you’re doing something mindless. However, this could also be a time for you to compare prices and wish-list those sunglasses that came up while you were scrolling through those websites.

6. Get A Work Out In

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Forgot to bring your phone in with you? No worries, get a workout in. Why miss out on arm day when you can do it while on the toilet. 30 reps of Arm Circles, 30 reps of Arm Raises and 40 reps of Arm Press – there you go, 100 reps of arm exercises. Now, you don’t have to worry about missing your workouts.

7. Count The Tiles

Tiles To Count
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This is for when you forget to bring anything in the washroom with you – start counting the tiles. We know it sounds ridiculous but studies have shown that counting can be therapeutic for some people. Besides, it’ll help the time you have on the toilet pass by faster.  So, start counting! Having pretty tiles makes it even more entertaining, get in touch with our renovation experts on Gawin.

Whether you’re the type that takes a long time in the washroom or the ones that are in and out within minutes – there’s always something to keep you busy while you’re in the washroom. Get in touch with one of our plumbing contractors on Gawin for your washroom woes.

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