7 Smart Design Solutions For Small Spaces

You now have a place of your own, and are celebrating. It’s a little small. How are you going to blend style, room, and functionality?

Believe it or not, a small space can be just as functional as any other. It may take just a few alternative design considerations but, in the end, things will work out. Here are seven smart design solutions to keep in mind if you’re living in a small space. 

Opt For Grays and Whites

gray-colored living room Photo credit: cdn.freshome.com

Dark colors will make any small space look tinier. Grays and whites add a brighter and more open feel. Light-colored furniture and wall units do the trick too. You can paint a darker focal wall, for example, to add some punch and make things a bit eclectic.

Add Narrow Shelves In the Bathroom

storage solutions for small bathroom Photo credit: telec.rockict.com

Many apartment dwellers know bathrooms can be tight. Invest in narrow wall shelves for the essentials, and you can leverage style and function. Tuck unsightly toiletries away under the vanity, and add some wicker baskets to put on the shelves. They can enhance the amount of storage you have.

Use An Open Kitchen Storage

open kitchen storage Photo credit: pinterest.com

Those catalog kitchen sets may have sparked your imagination and desire, but sophisticated cupboards do have their limitations. Open storage shelves are an alternative that can make the smallest of kitchens airy and less cluttered. Plus, putting glassware and other items in a storage unit doubling as a divider for a small room can make it seem, well… not as small. You can also stick a floor to ceiling shelf on one side to add life to the room.

Choose Multi-functional Furniture

multi-functional furniture Photo credit: forum.dontpayfull.com

Even if your home is small, you can still have a home office and more. Invest in furniture that can add more room for a functional, creative workspace.

Maximize Space Under The Stairs

storages under the stairs Photo credit: rewls.com

When you are living small, storage is at a premium. The stairs in your apartment provide a distinctive advantage. How about storage units for books, accessories, and other belongings you can show off?

Treat Your Windows Right

small space apartment with curtains Photo credit: zooyer.com

Curtains and other window treatments certainly will make your home larger. The right ones can accentuate the wall, brighten the room, and give even the smallest floor plan a boost.

Take Advantage of Mirrors

large mirrors scary furniture pieces Photo credit: pixball.com

Tall mirrors represent one of the most basic design tricks. If there’s room, add curtains next to it. You can always cover up the mirror, but mirrors can add dimension to a room of any size.

Keep these tricks in mind, and remember to keep the place clean and clutter-free. You can invest wisely and your small space will magically seem larger. Get help from home renovation experts and interior design specialists at Gawin. Just submit a request, and you’ll get free price quotes from service professionals in just a few clicks!

Guest author: This post was written by Alex Omelchenko of Apex Window Werks – a Chicagoland company that specializes in window glass repair services, double pane windows defogging and more.