7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home Without Spending A Lot

Is the cost of home improvement making you hesitant to give your house the change it needs? You don’t have to spend a lot for it. It’s really just a matter of knowing what works and what doesn’t. Here’s how you can improve your home while keeping expenses to a minimum.

Add Insulation

white ceiling and walls Photo credit: pinterest.com

See if you can add insulation to the walls and ceilings. Insulating your home will help maintain a comfortable temperature, minimize the need for heating and cooling, and also help reduce sound.

Opt To Have Bigger Windows

living room with big windows Photo credit: countryliving.com

Installing bigger windows allow more natural light. Thus, it will reduce the need for artificial lighting and help you save more in the long run. Likewise, replacing single glass windows with insulated ones will not only help save money on cooling and heating, but also improve soundproofing.

Get Energy-efficient Lighting

incandescent or fluorescent bulbs

Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting. Remodeling your home is the perfect time to change your lights. Aside from maximizing natural light, be sure to look into CFLs and LEDs. Many energy-efficient lighting fixtures also come with dimmers and will give you complete control over the light.

Choose Functionality

functional kitchen Photo credit: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

Spacious kitchens and bathrooms are becoming so trendy now. But this doesn’t have to be the case for your home. These areas are often the most expensive to build and remodel, so always choose functionality over size. Don’t hesitate to spend more on details that you use every day. Light fixtures, faucets, toilets and door hardware need to be both aesthetically appealing and durable.

Opt For Shower Curtains

bathroom with pink shower curtainPhoto credit: pinterest.com

Basic glass doors can be very pricey, but the best-looking shower curtains practically cost nothing. You can also replace them every now and then to get a new look. Plus, you don’t have to clean them up after every shower.

Colors Make A Difference

newly-painted room Photo credit: quiet-corner.com

If you feel the room looks untidy or boring, a new coat of paint might just do the trick. Even the best paint is inexpensive compared to a remodel.

Consider DIY For Small Projects

white paint

The DIY direction might be for you if you have a good amount of experience and knowledge on home improvement hacks. Changing door hardware or applying new paint over an old wall might not require the skills and knowledge of a licensed contractor.

But if you’re dealing with a major renovation and would require financial assistance, you can borrow an amount based on your house’s expected worth once the renovation is completed. To be undoubtedly safer and more cost-effective in your home improvement project, it’s best to hire experienced and reliable home improvement specialists. Head on over to Gawin, submit a request, and get connected to trusted service professionals.

Guest author: Mari writes for Loansolutions.ph to help educate people in making informed-decisions on taking out loans and becoming responsible borrowers. Being the COO, she feels it is her social responsibility to do so. Learn more from her as she shares tips, advises and stories on finance.