7 Preparation Steps for Cockroach Control Service

When that little cockroach problem in your home becomes a big one, it’s time to call in the experts. To get the best out of their roach control services, you have to prepare your home – and yourself – before they arrive!

Here are some tips that will get you started:

1. Throw Out The Garbage

Throw out the garbage
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Clean out all the dustbins, trashcans, and waste receptacles in your house, and throw out any rubbish and garbage. Trash is irresistible to cockroaches and other pests, and removing them from your home eliminates both their hiding places and food source.


2. Put Away Food & Drink

Put away food and drinks
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Store away any open food or drink, preferably in safely sealed containers – the further away from the treatment sites, the better. This includes all opened and unopened food packages. Cockroach control involves a lot of harsh and poisonous chemicals, which you wouldn’t want to risk contaminating your food with!


3. Save Baby & Children’s Items

Keep away children's items
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Similarly, pick up and store away baby and children’s items, like toys, books, bottles, and clothes. Pack them up securely and place them somewhere that limits exposure to the pesticides and chemicals.


4. Keep Utensils & Appliances

Keep away utensils and equipments
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Move your cooking utensils to somewhere safe and clean, and store away appliances like toasters, TV boxes, telephones, and computers. Pack up your remote controls and related accessories as well. Not only will this limit exposure and contamination to the poisonous chemicals, but it’ll also tidy up space for the exterminators to do their work efficiently.


5. Clean The House

Clean the house
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Other than storing away moveable items, give your house a brief clean – vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and so on – to reduce the clutter and limit places roaches can access. Cleaning will also ensure that your home can be efficiently treated by pest control.

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6. Open Windows

Open windows and doors
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Keep windows and doors open to ensure proper, natural ventilation. This helps with the extermination and treatment, as well as reduce the risks of poisonous gas buildup from the process.


7. Allow Easy Access

Enable easy access
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Move furniture and large appliances to give pest control the best access – consider shifting them away from walls and widening gaps so they can reach the nooks and crannies that serve as go-to hideouts for pests. Tidying up the clutter will also give pest control better access to potential problem areas. Besides, you’ll also have to trust the professionals and give them free access throughout your house to ensure effective service.


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