7 Non-Harmful Ways to Keep Your House Pest-Free

These days, it’s pretty rare to have a house or an apartment that doesn’t have at least one resident pest, and that usually means having to buy off-the-shelf bug sprays or chemicals like rat poison to ward them off. But if you noticed that you’ve started itching or if you just generally dislike the smell of the chemicals, this list is for you! Here are seven ways you can keep your home pest-free in the most harmless ways.

Use DIY Homemade Spray

lemons used as spray Photo credit: homesteading.news

Have you been noticing a growing colony in your home recently? If you’ve been seeing more and more ants get in formation, you can naturally get rid of ants without using bug spray by making your own lemon, peppermint or cinnamon spray.

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Set Up No-chemical DIY flytraps

homemade-soda-bottle-fly-trap Photo credit: theprairiehomestead.com

All you need is a clean and empty 2-liter plastic soda bottle, packing tape and rotting produce. The trick is to lure in the flies, then throw out the container after. Simply cut the bottle in two, with the bottom half larger than the upper half. Place the produce inside the bottom half, remove the cap from the upper half and place it upside down in the bottom half of the bottle. Tape it to secure then watch it work!

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner

When you want to clear out pests that are small like ants, bed bugs or spiders, you can trust your handy vacuum cleaner to help you out. Just configure the settings to maximum power and go through every nook and cranny of the house to make sure there are no pests left! Think you need help? Hire professional cleaners at affordable fixed rates at Gawin!

Put Plants Which Repel Mosquitoes, Ants

basil Photo credit: thefinder.com.sg

Mosquitoes, along with other biting insects, are attracted to human scent coming from our skin. As such, creating a strong odor that repels mosquitoes and hides your scent would do the trick. In this area, you can rely on certain plants you can grow right at home like lemon balm, catnip, basil, lavender, peppermint, citrosum, sage and rosemary.

Regularly Move Items So Pests Won’t Nest On Them

glass water vase bottle Photo credit: vintagematters.co.uk

Ever heard of mosquitoes multiplying when there’s an untouched tub of water lying around? It’s because that’s where mosquitoes lay their eggs. The same is true for many pests in the home – when they find an object that hasn’t been moved for long periods of time, they start to think that it’s a new home they can settle and breed in.

Fix Leaks Immediately

Closeup Of Plumber Fixing Pipe With Wrench

Plumbing leaks don’t only drive up your bills, they attract household pests too. Hidden leaks provide pests with a steady and hidden source of water, allowing them to survive without you knowing. Check the undersides of your refrigerator for pools that are forming and your bathroom and kitchen for any signs of leakage. To double check on your leaky pipes, you can also hire a plumbing service provider at Gawin just to make sure that no leaking pipes were missed.

Inspect Your Home – In and Out 

Under-the-Sink Photo credit: newhorizoncabinetry.com

Pests typically show a trend in where they come from, where they linger and where they are headed. Check your house as much and as thoroughly as you can for signs of pest build up, especially to observe where pests are usually seen.

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If you want to be absolutely certain that there are no pests left in your house, you can opt for a pest control service that gets rid of them for you. Head on over to Gawin, submit your job request and we’ll connect you to the right guys who can do the job in no time!

written by Bea Luna