7 Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Contractor

With the changing weather conditions and natural occurrences, house repairs are inevitable all year round. Gutters fall apart, drainages work in reverse, paint on the walls crack, and more. But thanks to contractors, you won’t end up making things worse or getting yourself hurt. They’ll get the job done for you.

It’s easy to say that you need to hire a contractor. But, what about getting affordable rates, efficiency, and attention to detail? Here’s a set of questions to help you find a contractor who can provide the services you need at home.

Does The Contractor Offer Reasonable Rates?

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Money has been and will always be a big issue in hiring contractors. Contractors are people who help fix your house whether for your own personal use or for rental purposes. Either way, spending on a contractor means investing your money with expectations of positive returns. Look for a contractor who offers reasonable rates and guarantees long-lasting results.

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What Kind of Projects Has This Contractor Done?

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When asking someone to do a job that involves visuals and art, always ask for a portfolio. Writers have their articles, artists have their digital art or traditional art – contractors have houses they have built for other people. By looking at their portfolio, you can see the quality of their works and decide if it’s worth the price they are charging for.

Likewise, contractors also specialize in and offer various designs. Choose the contractor whom you feel will best bring your dream house to life or to help restore your dream house back to its former glory.

Is The House Really Due For Repair?

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In a blind state of rage and stress, people sometimes make a lot of impulsive decisions. These decisions help balance the stress such as eating, retail therapy, and music therapy among others. But the biggest and probably the most expensive one is the retail therapy wherein one literally shops until one drops.

Ask yourself. Does the house really need a repair or are you just tired of looking at the same old appearance of the living room? You might consider a redecoration first rather than an overall renovation. 

What Needs to Be Repaired?

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Sometimes, there are things that you can’t fix. No matter how you try fixing it with your own little ways, anything you do is simply a band-aid on a dam. Don’t wait for things to get worse. After identifying the problem that needs to be fixed, it’s best to call in a contractor.

Most contractors have specializations even if they say they are the all-around type. Some may be better at plumbing whereas others have mastered how to fix refrigerators. If they’re neither good at both, it’s probably because they specialize on other types of services. 

How Fast Do You Need It Done?

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Things that usually need repairs require urgency as it brings inconvenience to the house owner. For repairs outside of the house, contractors should strictly follow a deadline especially during the rainy months. In such scenarios, the weather is hard to predict so time, money and effort are wasted.

Every now and then, check your house for any sign of potential damages and estimate how old that particular structure of the house is. If possible, create a timeline and schedule repairs. But under unavoidable circumstances, look for a contractor that can get the job well done in no time.

Do You Need To Leave The House?

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Some house renovations require you to stay out of the house and these renovations may not just be a one-day stint either. Tasks such as – painting the house, rewiring the house or fixing the whole plumbing might require one to stay out of the house.

Make sure you have everything prepared in case you need to temporarily leave your house to the contractors. While some prefer to look after the contractors as they work, others have a hard time standing the smell of certain chemicals they use (paint, rugby glue, and etc.).

What Materials Are Available At Home?

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It’s very important to let the contractors know what needs to get fixed so they can prepare the supplies needed. However, some contractors rely on their clients for such supplies and so, you’ll have to ensure all the materials needed are available. Some of these items include brushes, paints, wires, plates of steel, and other things that may help get your house back to its tip-top shape. While there are contractors who have their own supplies and tools, consider the possibility for them to borrow some of yours in which you have to make sure that you have the items.

Do You Have A Basic Idea On The Repairs?

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It’s best to have a bit of knowledge on the problem to make sure that you know what the contractor is doing and where your money is going. A contractor usually provides a breakdown on the complete details of the repair. But for personal and security purposes, research on the problem first before hiring the contractor so both parties are well-informed and satisfied on the outcome.

These seven questions can guide and lead you to an established and results-driven contractor. Repairs and renovations will no longer be a problem once you find the contractor that caters to all the house services you need. Having the right contractor gives you the chance to turn your home improvement project into a reality.

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written by Katherine Gohu