7 Creative Ways To Have A Romantic Date At Home

For couples, constant and open communication is key to make the relationship last long. Romantic dates, monthsary celebrations and bonding moments further strengthen the trust and love you have for each other. These instances shouldn’t be forced – just like your relationship. If you’re running out of options on where you two should eat or what to do on your 2nd anniversary, you can always prepare something at home for your partner. With these simple ideas, you’d be surprised that there’s so much more you can do aside from having a romantic dinner.

1. Organize A Movie/TV Series Marathon Night

Photo credit:familiesforlife.sg

Watching movies or TV series together creates a shared experience of jokes, catchphrases or punchlines that only both of you can understand. Create a list of movie or TV series must-sees and surprise him or her for a movie marathon date night. Laugh or cry together as you snuggle up to each other.

2. Have A Karaoke Night

Don’t feel like binge-watching? Have a karaoke night instead! Sing your favorite songs together or create your own version of  The Voice sing-offs. Should both of you discover your inner talents in music, take a step further and contact a professional at Gawin.ph who can teach you to play musical instruments too.

3. Cook or Bake Together

cooking-ideasPhoto credit: theyesgirls.com

There’s a saying that people who cook together, stay together. Instead of your usual restaurant dates, invite him or her over for a cooking or baking session. It’s such a fun activity that provides plenty of bonding opportunities as you’re stirring the soup, chopping the onions or kneading the dough. Experiment on food choices so you can learn and understand more about each other’s food taste.

If your cooking goes wrong or baking isn’t your forte, Gawin’s professionals can save the day! Our caterers will not only prepare and deliver meals but can even set up your intimate event.

4. Go Camping – Inside Or Near The House

camping-indoorsPhoto credit: fullinsight.com

Too busy to go on a camping trip? Do it inside or near your house. You can even go as far as setting up a bonfire, sleeping inside the tent or lying side by side on a warm, cozy blanket. Don’t forget to prepare marshmallows and hot dogs to complete the camping experience.

5. Decorate the Place Together


Regardless of whether you’re living in the same place or not, your partner can sometimes be the best consultant for new decor. Ask him or her if the living room needs some tidying up. Decide on a fresh design, paint the walls together or help each other rearrange the furniture. We know it sounds like a chore, but when you’re doing it with the person you adore, even the most daunting task can seem like fun!

And if you need any additional assistance, our house contractors on Gawin.ph can help you repair, decorate or other fixtures you might need around the house.

6. Scrapbooking

romantic scrapbookingPhoto credit: paperclipping.com

Instead of posting your getaway photos on Facebook or Instagram, take the old school way – print those photos. Spend the afternoon with your loved one cutting out photos, decorating each page and talking about those events you had.

Got those old ticket stubs you had for your first movie date? How about that long letter he or she gave you? Preserve the best memories in your very own scrapbook.

7. Go Swimming At Home

swimming laps in the pool

Studies show that couples who workout together have increased levels of emotional bond and attraction. They seem happier and workouts become more efficient as both motivate one another to achieve fitness goals. If you have a pool in your vicinity, don’t disregard it. Swimming is a therapeutic activity, which can be totally romantic when you’re on a date! Need some coaching in swimming? Get help from swimming instructors on Gawin.

Romantic dates and bonding activities don’t always require spending too much or traveling to far places. Spending time together at home helps build a stronger connection between the two of you. Keep in mind that the most memorable moments happen when you least expect it.

When you’re planning to invite him or her over for some home activities, make sure your house has a fresh and clean atmosphere. Get in touch with professional cleaners by submitting a job request on Gawin. We’ll connect you with the right guys who can instantly make your place squeaky clean while you prepare surprises or other activities for your loved one. Don’t forget that the simplest, seemingly effortless moments are the ones we remember the most – and sometimes, they start at home!

written by Ronica Valdeavilla