7 Best Travel Tips To Have An Amazing Taiwan Experience

Taiwan recently launched visa-free entry to Filipinos who hold visas to select countries. Definitely a good news for it’s a whole lot easier now to make your Taiwan travel dreams come true!

If Taiwan is one of the destinations you’re eyeing to fly to this holiday break, you’re in for a very fun and worthwhile trip. From shopping to eating to sight-seeing, Taiwan is bursting with bucketlist-level things to do. Thus, planning an itinerary is a definite must if you don’t want to miss out. Here are some things you can add to your travel plans when in Taiwan!

Take A Walk Down Jiufen Old Street

Jiufen Old Street Photo credit: holidayssg.com

This mountain town is one of the must-visits in Taiwan, and with good reason. Not only is it lined with shops and cafes, but this town in itself is picturesque, with its architecture having been influenced by Japanese aesthetic. A trip to Jiufen usually lasts a day, and you can fill your schedule with visits to Japanese cafes, authentic Chinese restaurants, sipping warm Chinese tea at the City of Sadness Restaurant (where you can get amazing views of the Pacific Ocean), checking out the Shengping Theatre and dropping by the Jiufen Kite Museum. 

End The Day With A Full Stomach At Keelung City

Miaokou night market Photo credit: synapticism.com

Near Jiufen is Keelung City – located along Taiwan’s Northeast Coast and Northern Taiwan’s fishing industry capital. Because of flourishing trade and commerce in Keelung, many prominent cultural sites have come abound, like Ershawan Fort, Heping Island, and most famously, the Miaokou Night Market. The Miaokou Night Market is lined with rows upon rows of affordable (and fresh!) seafood, so you can come here after your trip to Jiufen for dinner!

Fall In Love With the Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall Photo credit: taiwanswaterfalls.com

At 20 meters tall, the Shifen Waterfall is one of Taiwan’s most scenic and often visited destinations. Shifen is famous for the rainbow splashes the waterfall makes onto the lake, and is definitely a go-to place if you want to bring home awe-inspiring photos from your trip.

Shop In Ximending Youth Shopping District

Ximending Youth Shopping District Photo credit: i.ytimg.com

On the flipside of Taiwan’s breathtaking nature sceneries is Ximending Youth Shopping District which is Taipei’s melting pot of shopping centers, restaurants, theatres, bars and various cultural showcases like street exhibitions and performances. Ximending is typically buzzing with life, drawing attention from many tourists and Taipei youth.

Go Hiking In Elephant Mountain

Elephant Mountain Photo credit: expedia.fr

There’s no better view of Taipei City than from the top of Elephant Mountain, and that’s exactly why the hike is so worth it. Go hiking during late afternoon so it’s not too hot but not too cold either. Also, by hiking in the late afternoon, you can sit back and watch the sunset amidst a great view of the city. The hike to the top usually takes 15-20 minutes, so there’s no need to worry about the trail’s difficulty level!

Take Your Breath Away In Hualien Taroko National Park

Hualien Taroko National Park Photo credit: tour-hualien.hl.gov.tw

If you’re hoping to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and go soul-searching, Hualien Taroko National Park is surely one of the best places to go to in Taiwan. The gorge itself is a lineup of tall, flat walls overlooking the Liwu River, and the Park is filled with other places to visit such as temples, museums and hiking trails. Everywhere you look when inside this park is as though it came straight from a movie – from the Eternal Spring Shrine to the Tianxiang Village. There are also three hotels you can choose from to stay in.

Chill Out In Hualien Antong Hot Springs

Hualien Hot Springs Photo credit: tour-hualien.hl.gov.tw

Located near Yuli Township, in Hualien County, the Hualien Antong Hot Springs is also known as the beauty spring because of its clear waters. Its composition makes the it a weak alkaline sulphide chlorate spring, proven to be good for those with skin ailments, menstrual discomfort and external injuries.

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written by Bea Luna