7 Best Hiding Spots for Jewelry and Valuable Items

These days, you never know what the next modus would be. Snatchers and robbers have gotten more creative at stealing valuables. What’s worse is you never know who the next victim might be. Reality star Kim Kardashian got caught in a very unfortunate robbing incident while she was in Paris. It could really happen to anyone – be it your neighbor, your colleague, or even you.

While this shouldn’t worry you to the point of giving you sleepless nights (that’s a different issue altogether), it does, however, present an opportunity for all of us to take better care of our jewelry and valuables. Chance favors the prepared mind after all, so here are seven ideas for secret spots you can use to hide your precious items.

A Book With A Secret Compartment

book secret compartment Photo credit: pinterest.com

These secret compartment in books are affordable alternatives to your safes, and because there are so many books lined up beside it, it makes your safe place more unsuspecting and harder to find. Even you might get confused, so make sure to remember what your bookcase box looks like exactly!

A Fake Plant

hide valuables under a fake plant Photo credit: pinterest.com

Like the secret compartment in a book, a fake plant would be a very unsuspecting place to hide your valuables. Even if someone attempts to find which pot exactly you hid your items, they will have a hard time looking for it especially if you have many plants at home. It makes for great decor, too.

Photo Frames with Hidden Compartments

photo frame with hidden compartments Photo credit: lavalier.com

Who knew photo frames aren’t only good at keeping treasured memories, but treasured belongings as well? Hidden compartments in photo frames are good for smaller items like keys or necklaces. They also help you remember what photo frame you used exactly by simple cues from the photo inside the frame!

Sofa Storage

sofa with hidden storage Photo credit: archiexpo.com

Your sofa can give you not only a sense of comfort by being your binge-watching buddy, but also by being the sanctuary of larger valuables (like books, notebooks, etc). Sofa storages also great space savers, so even if you don’t intend to use it as a hiding spot for your valuables, you’d still get a good storage container.

False Wall Outlets

hidden wall safe Photo credit: amazon.com

A bit unexpected? That’s exactly the point! These are easy to make and don’t cost much. And because there are many wall outlets around your house, it would take quite a while before someone will be able to find your secret hiding spot.

CD/DVD Cases

CD case as secret safe Photo credit: ebay.co.uk

Like using false wall outlets, using CD/DVD cases as a hiding spot is a “hidden in plain sight” strategy. Disc cases are unsuspecting hiding spots too, and it’s a perfect spot to hide smaller items like jewelry, keys and photographs. Hiding items in these cases is best done if you have a lot of CD’s or DVD’s so you can hide the special one easily.

A Good Safe

safe box for jewelry Photo credit: agresti.com

When all is said and done, a good safe is still one of the best options for you to place your valuables and jewelry. Good safes though don’t open using keys as they can be easily picked, and usually employ state-of-the-art technology for its security locks. Good safes also don’t burn or break easily, so in case of a fire or in case someone tries to break the safe, you can trust that your safe will not yield. It’s definitely a good investment.

Even if the probability of getting caught in an unfortunate incident like Kim is relatively slim, it still pays to invest in security for your home and your valuables. This is where the phrase, better to be safe than sorry, rings truest. If you want to be really prepared, you can install a security system that’s perfect for your home and the valuables you want to keep by simply checking out Gawin.ph’s security system services. Just submit a request on Gawin.ph and we’ll connect you to our service providers who’ll make sure you get the best service.

written by Bea Luna