6 Ways To Have The Best Solo Backpacking Trip On A Budget

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Travelling can be costly especially if you’re doing it alone. But if you’re on a budget, it can as well be hard and unexciting. With limited funds at hand, one may think that adventures are reduced to a minimum. Well, that won’t be the case if you’d find cheap deals, free tours or other activities that won’t blow a hole in the wallet.

By planning ahead and looking for ways to maximise your resources, you can have the best adventure of your life without spending too much.

Ask Around

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Before taking any trips, the best thing to do is to ask around. People who have travelled a lot would be well-aware of what airlines to take, reliable travel agencies and must-see places. If you’re still new at the whole travelling scene then, asking a more experienced backpacker is the best way to go.

Do Lots Of Research A photo by Alejandro Escamilla. unsplash.com/photos/y83Je1OC6Wc

There is a lot of joy in doing your own research to discover places and activities worth trying. Look up the languages in the area, cultural values, best cuisines to try on a budget and how to make your way from one point to another. Research shouldn’t stop there. Study the weather so you’ll know how to pack accordingly and read other travel blogs of people who’ve been to such places to see what they have to say.

Learn A New Language

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If possible, try to pick up the native language of the country you’re going to, and don’t forget to work on your English. Tagalog won’t get you anywhere outside the Philippines, but English is a universal language, so you’re better off knowing some basic English. Get English tutors at affordable fees here!

Pack Only Your Essentials


If you’re backpacking, you can’t fit five pairs of shoes and a million clothes in there. So pack lightly and wisely. Take your toiletries, money, comfy clothes in thin or lightweight fabric so they don’t weigh you down, and a sturdy pair of walking shoes because you’ll be walking a lot. We’d also advise on wearing a money belt beneath your clothes to store your passport, credit card and cash.

Plan Ahead For Your Trip

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It’s best to plan ahead especially when you’re reserving tickets and booking hostels. Rates are usually cheaper if you book them way ahead of your target schedule.

Befriend Locals


When you finally arrive, try to befriend the locals and acquire tips on exploring the area. After all, no one knows the place better than them! They could offer some helpful tips on attractions and food, but most importantly, travelling is all about getting out of your comfort zone to try new things and meet new faces. So don’t hesitate to make a new friend or two.

Backpacking alone can be a real adventure, but thrifty travelling has a downside: the tight budget. You’ll need to look for really cheap hotels, skip other costly activities, and cut down on expenses to make room for the ones you really want to try. But the truth is, all it takes is a little research and planning ahead. Travelling entitles one to take a break from the busy, fast-paced world. There’s no room for anxiety – just a big heart for adventure and the determination to see the world.

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written by Katherine Gohu