6 Types of Girl Friends In Your Life

In every girl’s life, you’ll come across different types of friends. Some stick with you through thick and thin, while some teach you valuable life lessons. But each plays an important role in your life.

Happy International Women’s Day! Let today be a day where we celebrate women, from different walks of lives, shapes and size, skin tone dark to light. Today is about standing together and embracing one another.


The Mother

the mother
Image Source: Pexels

There is always that one friend that babies everyone but with good intention. Motherly and instinctual. The Mother is the friend that you can trust to plan everything out, always 10 steps ahead of everyone. They’re the ones that come over to your house and starts cleaning, they ’ll nag you as they are doing it. It’ll feel like you have an extra mother, always nagging you about the smallest thing. Even though it can get annoying, they do it out of good intention and you love them for it. So, the next time she comes by, why not get our trusted professionals on Gawin to help you clean your home. This allows more quality time spent with them and less nagging.  


The Brutally Honest

the brutally honest
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Need a reality check? Go to The Brutally Honest one. You know they won’t sugar coat things for you and they get straight to the point. It’s harsh but they come from a good place and you appreciate that. Having them around is good because you know someone will keep it real with you, no matter the situation.

The Dating Expert


The Dating Expert
Image Source: Pexels

Whether they’re in a relationship or single, this friend gives the best dating advice. They’re well read on all things dating – whether it’s from experience or just online research, they’re good. They’re the ones you go to when you want advice on getting a partner or the one that helps you with a breakup. They’ve got all the solutions to your dating-woes.


The Shopaholic

the shopaholic
Image Source: Pixabay

Can a person have too many jeans? Yes, they can. In every colour, in every cutting. Sometimes even two of the same ones but just a different colour. They shop, shop, and shop! Retail therapy is what they call it. According to them, the sound of their cards being swiped sparks joy and the feeling of new clothes bring them happiness. One thing’s for sure – they always look good. The plus side to all this is that they share their happiness. They don’t mind lending you their clothes or even buying you some too. They love shopping that much!


The Hustler

the hustler
Image Source: Pixabay

Always the busy bee, forever up to something. The Hustler is the friend that has got it together. They’ve got an amazing job – travelling from place to place, meetings back and forth. They’re the ones you just can’t seem to get to stay in one place. They’re always running around getting work done. They’re the friends you rarely see but when you guys do, they’ve got the craziest story and the time spent with them is always thrilling. Funny thing about them, they’ve got contacts for everything! They’re the ones you call when you need someone to get a job done. Need contact for a mover? They’ll probably have it. Better yet – hire one of our trusted professionals to help you with your moving on Gawin.


The Soul Mate

the soul mate
Image Source: Pexels

Now this friend, they’re your platonic soul mate. They’re your tried-and-true! You know you can rely on them when you’re in trouble. The Soul Mate is the one that understands you on all levels. They’re the ones that finish off your sentences, the ones that lend you a shoulder to cry on, and the ones that are up for all your crazy ideas The two of you might be polar opposites but somehow you both just click, and that’s what makes the friendship so amazing.


So, in conjunction to International Women’s Day, we’d like to quote Maya Angelou – each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women. With that being said, let today be a day for us to appreciate all the women in our lives and how they’ve impacted it.