6 Simple Ways to Incorporate Pantone’s Greenery At Home

Pantone declaring Greenery as 2017’s color of the year comes as no surprise. Throughout history, Pantone has been consistent with declaring colors of the year in reflection of culture day, and Greenery does seem apt for 2017 – symbolic of fresh beginnings, new hopes, and healthier lifestyles. Without a doubt, this color will frequent many interior design magazines. So, if you want to get a head start on having a Greenery home of your own, here are 7 simple ways for inspiration.

Start In the Kitchen

kitchen mugs greenery Photo credit: lamudi.com.ph

Aside from your natural greenery brought by your vegetables, your kitchen can benefit a lot from greenery-inspired items like cutlery, cutting boards, pans, oven mitts, and even mixers. By incorporating greenery into kitchen items, you can be reminded to keep your New Year’s Resolution of eating healthy not just until the end of January, but all year round.

Go For Small Items

pantone greenery pillows Photo credit: thouswell.co

If you’re curious about the new color but don’t really call yourself a big fan of green, that’s completely fine. You can opt instead for small items that are more noncommittal – like throw pillows, vases or small rugs. You can also go for greenery place mats or table cloths and if you find that it doesn’t suit your taste, you can easily adjust.

Invest In Actual Greenery

White Minimalist Family Room Decorating Ideas With White Sofa, Rug And Glass Table And Pretty Green Indoor Plants Photo credit: rackbench.com

Nothing incorporates greenery as well into the home as using actual plants! Aside from incorporating Pantone’s color of the year, adding plants to your home makes it more full of life and refreshing to look at. Studies have also shown that having plants indoors – whether at home or in the office – boosts productivity and mental health by lowering stress levels.

Make An Accent Wall

kitchen-accent-wall Photo credit: color.about.com

Tired of your plain white or cream walls? Maybe 2017 is about creating a big, noticeable change, like repainting your home. You can create space for an accent wall and color it with greenery, wherever you want – in the kitchen, living room, or even bedroom. Wherever you decide to paint that accent wall, it will surely liven up the atmosphere.

Create A Serene Bedroom

greenery bedroom Photo credit: hgtv.com

Aside from accent walls, you can also incorporate greenery into your bedroom through lighting fixtures and rugs, or even through the beddings and pillowcases. The idea is to create a serene space for you to relax, so you can tone down the greenery shade by opting for more subdued shades of the color and balancing it with white and blues.

Add Striking Pieces

greenery bold pieces Photo credit: shopify.com

If you want the greenery to really pop out and draw attention, you can opt for bolder pieces as wall fixtures like picture and mirror frames or even shelves. As with throw pillows, they’re a little less noncommittal than painting an entire wall with greenery, but they’re not as subdued so it still looks like an accent color.

2017 is a year of fresh beginnings and even fresher homes, and you can definitely get started with creating your own by incorporating greenery into your interior design plans. If you want more ideas, especially on how you can best achieve the look you want for your home,enlist help from Gawin’s trusted interior designers and home renovation experts. Log on to our website to submit a request and we’ll connect you to the right guys in a jiffy!

written by Bea Luna