6 Simple Ways to Get a Bohemian-Chic Apartment

Looking for some inspiration for your new home? If you’re eyeing a more laid-back style with a touch of quirkiness and color, a Boho-Chic theme may be worth checking out. This design has been making waves recently as a theme of choice for many homeowners, so it would be easy to find all-out interior design pegs on the internet – but if you want to opt for changing up your home bit by bit, you can try out these 6 simple ways to do so.

1. Install a Bohemian rug

boho chic living room
Photo credit: homedit

Installing a Bohemian rug is a great idea for those who want to add a Boho-Chic splash of color to their homes without having to worry about repainting or sticking to the design for a long time. A colorful rug is big enough to beautify the room and it claims attention at first glance. These rugs are typically filled with Aztec patterns and a combination of bright pops of colors, typically on the warm side (think lots of reds, yellows and oranges), and goes great with neutral-toned furniture like wood. 

2. Decorate with colorful pillows

boho chic apartment
Photo credit: homedit

If you still want that splash of color but you’re looking for something less heavy on the wallet, you can opt for colorful throw pillows instead. Boho-Chic is all about blending bright, vivid colors in a tasteful way, so pillows like these would go well against a backdrop that’s on the cooler, warmer side, like living rooms with a bit of blue, brown and white. The trick is to let the vivid throw pillows attract attention,  so make sure that other elements in your room are not too bright so they won’t clash with the boldness of the pillows.

3. Add a terrarium with fairy lights

pretty bohemian chic decor
Photo credit: The Decorista

A hallmark of Boho-Chic style is its affinity for the rustic – putting together twinkly fairy lights amid vintage, metal browns is another simple way to get that stylish look for your home. You could install fairy lights by hanging them on your bedroom ceiling, or placing them in terrariums! Not only do they make for a fabulous centerpiece, they also make for a unique substitute for a lamp, too.

4. Infuse a unique artistic flair

boho chic living room colorful design
Photo credit: Home Goods

Keep an eye out for unique, artistic furniture that you can add to your home. While color coordination is important, the Boho-Chic style puts more premium in daring or contrasting art, especially putting things together that may not seem like a great fit at first, but their beauty eventually emerges through their differences. Look for bold pieces, like the rug in this photo and the vivid purple blanket.

5. Opt for fringes and soft textures

boho chic bedroom cozy
Photo credit: Best Home Decorate

While the living room is best for lively and upbeat interior decor, your bedroom may be a different story. Boho-Chic has a calm, natural side to it as well, harmonizing subdued tones with natural greens of plants. Earthy tones, like light grays, whites, pale browns and darker pastels not only embody the Boho-Chic aesthetic, but they also help produce a calming effect for your bedroom. To add to this sanctuary-like atmosphere, Boho-Chic also uses fringes and soft textures in its linen to get that welcoming aura.

6. Recycle your guitar case

guitar case shelf - boho chic decor
Photo credit: Great American Country

Got an empty guitar case lying around? No need to throw it out – you can use it as an additional shelf for your Boho-inspired home. You can repaint the case to make it even more Boho-inspired by adding on quirky patterns in the process.

Getting that down-to-earth Boho-Chic theme for your apartment may appear difficult or intimidating at first – it may feel like you need a complete overhaul to achieve the look you want. In truth, though, you can easily achieve a Boho-Chic look with minimal effort, from installing simple tabletop fixtures to adding adjustable Bohemian rugs to your living room. If you want some help to truly customize the Bohemian design to fit your home best, get in touch with any of our trusted interior designers on Gawin. They’ll be more than thrilled to help you out!

written by Bea Luna