6 Romantic Ideas For A Perfect Surprise On Valentine’s Day

While every day is a good day to show someone you love them, Valentine’s Day is still a pretty good excuse to do something extra special. With this special day right around the corner, have you planned out what you’re going to do for your special other? If you’ve run out of ideas to surprise your partner, feel free to use any of ours, and have a blast this Valentine’s Day!

Breakfast In Bed

valentine's day breakfast Photo credit: cdn.sheknows.com

If you want to start the day right and show your significant other just how much you love them, waking them up with a tray full of their favorite breakfast dishes is sure to brighten their day. Add in a rose or letter there and you’ll be all set. If you don’t live together or near each other, you can have their favorite breakfast meal delivered in the morning instead as a surprise. Making an amazing breakfast surely requires a lot of effort – which is why this surprise idea is ultra sweet!

A Wonderfully-designed Cake

Valentines-Day-cake Photo credit: timefortheholidays.net

Does your significant other have a special place in his or her heart for sweets? Get his or her favorite cake flavor, top it off with a beautiful design, and send it to his or her office along with flowers and a short but sweet note. You’ve got yourself a Valentine’s day surprise that’s sure to delight his or her palette as well as sweep them off their feet. Designs can range from cute cake designs that show them what you love about them, or even quirky inside jokes, movies, hobbies, or books that you share. It could even be something that reminds of your first date!

A Classy Night In

Valentine's dinner Photo credit: mamiverse.com

Instead of going out to a fancy restaurant, surprise your significant other with a classy, homemade candlelit dinner instead at your (or their) place. Even if it’s just mac and cheese and maybe some fried chicken, they would surely appreciate the effort that you’ve put into it. Pair this with twinkle lights, wine, and some good music, and you’ve got a romantic night for two – minus the cost.

Picnic Watching the Sunset



Whisk your partner away on a surprise trip to Sta. Rosa’s Nuvali or Antipolo for a spontaneous picnic. You can pick them up right after work, and if they insist on knowing where exactly you’re going, don’t tell them anything! Bring with you a picnic mat, a portable speaker for some soft background music, food for sharing and drinks for two.

A Romantic Puzzle

puzzle love letter Photo credit: victoriana.com

In this day and age of emails, a handwritten letter might seem out of place – but trust us, it’s not, and the effort is greatly appreciated. But instead of simply handing your significant other a letter on paper, why not make it a bit more fun? You can write out this letter on an illustration board, cut up the board into 6-8 pieces, and make it into a puzzle your significant other has to solve. You can give him or her clues throughout the day to help them find the puzzle pieces until they eventually form your letter. Then once they have formed the entire puzzle, you can even give them a prize – like a romantic dinner, or maybe even a much-needed back rub!

An Unexpected Surprise

valentine's surprise at home Photo credit: viralpiranha.com

Has your significant other been bugging you about getting a new haircut? Or, probably, has insisted that you clean up your room, and you told him or her you would but never really started with it. Are you the kind of person who’s not into planning surprises? Then, here’s your big surprise that will delight his or her day. Get that perfect haircut, pull off a sweet surprise, or tidy up your room when she least expects it – you can even add notes and flowers that will surely melt her heart.

Of course, these ideas for surprising your significant other are good for any other day in the year, and not just Valentine’s day. Even something as simple as surprising them with a clean and beautifully-decorated home or delivering her favorite cake at her office will do the trick. Should you need a helping hand in such ideas, Gawin’s trusted cleaning service providers and custom cake specialists are here for you! Log on to Gawin and submit a request in a few clicks!

written by Bea Luna