6 Most Common Make-up Mistakes

You won’t believe how people can skip through the basics of make-up when it comes to these 6 mishaps. Scroll over and see if you’ve been doing these too.

1. Waterproof mascara

Source: lovethirty.co.uk

Wearing waterproof mascara every day is not ideal. If you want to look great and not melt from the summer heat, skip batting your eyes. It may look fine during the day but the clean-up will prove you completely wrong. An easy trick to remove waterproof make-up when you run out of make-up remover is to use lotion. Keep the waterproof make-up for when you need to cry on camera or one-time-big-time summer photoshoots—don’t pretend like it’s not a thing—look around.

2. Lippie Swatching

Source: pinterest.com

Swatching is sampling the make-up product for its quality as well as shade on your skin. Where you swatch anything is important and people don’t usually do it right. You think it’ll match but when you put it on, it doesn’t work? Well, that’s because the back of your hand and your wrist isn’t the right spot to swatch lippies. This’ll sound strange but the best spot to try out lippie shades without putting the tester on your lips is on your fingertips. It’s the closest you can get to your lips.

3. Liquid Eyeliner isn’t a Game

Source: reallyree.com

This is a tough one but stick to the pencil eyeliner if you’re a newbie. The finish will definitely look different. Pencil eyeliners usually finish a whole lot duller than liquid. Liquid eyeliners have evolved over time—from the awful flimsy brush to felt tips. If you want to train yourself to do better and take the leap, go for it. Keep cotton buds close by for edits.

4. Dirty Make-up Blenders/Brushes

This is probably what’s causing your breakout and it’s no surprise. Your brush can keep nasty dead skin particles between bristles. Pick up those nasty brushes; run them through lukewarm water, soak them in lukewarm water and your trusty shampoo for a couple of minutes; and rinse. Clean your make-up tools.

5. Context

Where you’re going; doing what; and for how long. These are things you should take into account when you’re wearing make-up. There’s a reason why people don’t wear highlights getting their photo taken for their driver’s license. You want to look your best but you might want to keep your make-up game in check.

6. Being too Afraid to Try

Make-up isn’t about hiding behind masks. It’s about feeling and being confident—like suiting up. Shying away from trying it out is all right. No one is forcing you to but you might want to try it so next time your friends ask you out to a party or (who knows) a wedding, you don’t have scramble looking for ways to have your make-up set for the occasion. If you’re having no luck on that department though, you can contact Gawin.ph for top professional hair & make-up artists to get advice and prep you for the special day.