6 Impressive Hobbies You Should Pick Up

When you say “I’m bored”, what’s the first thing people tell you? They tell you to get a hobby. And it’s true, having a hobby does make your boredom go away especially when it starts growing on you. In addition, you’ll learn new skills in the long run that shape you into a more well-rounded person. How many times have you scrolled through amazing musicians and dancers on Youtube and thought to yourself, “I wish I knew how to do that!” Well, guess what time it is? It’s time to pick up a new hobby!

Just Keep Swimming

lady relaxing in water

Swimming can be a great hobby and a valuable lifelong skill. In the long run, it will benefit your physical and mental health. As a physical exercise, it helps you lose weight by burning calories and also improves your cardiovascular health for increased stamina. Best of all, you don’t even break a sweat! Being surrounded by the coolness of the water is a calming sensation, and if you want to unleash your inner mermaid, then swimming is the perfect hobby for you. If you’re looking for a swimming instructor to help you take up swimming as a hobby, Gawin.ph has a list of qualified and dedicated swimming instructors who will help you learn the basics and enjoy swimming.

Master The Art Of Self-Defense

girl boxing gloves self defense

Looking for a hobby that will keep you safe while turning you into an awesome chick like Ronda Rousey or Manny Pacquiao? You should seriously consider adding self-defense into your skill repertoire. With the escalating crimes plaguing newspapers, the world is getting a little more crazy every day. When you have martial arts tucked beneath your belt, it’ll be harder to take advantage of you and you won’t need to blindly swing your purse in an attempt to smack your attacker. Learning self-defense will automatically heighten your senses and your stamina, keeping you calm and alert at the same time. Gawin would be more than happy to match you with a knowledgeable instructor who can help you build your confidence in protecting yourself.

Become A Musical Prodigy

guy playing guitar

Music is known to relieve your stress and soothe your troubled soul. Pick an instrument based on the kind of music you fancy. Into classical music? There’s the violin, the cello, the piano! For modern music, the electric guitar and drums may appeal more to you. Once you’ve decided on a musical instrument, you could always self-teach yourself through Youtube videos, or hire an instructor through Gawin.ph to boost your progress and coach you through the right techniques. Let your creativity flow through your fingers!

Dance Like Never Before

girl dancing freely

Why go against the music when you can dance along with it? Dancing involves the mind and body and teaches you how to coordinate your limbs to move with the rhythm of the music. Instead of just listening to the music, let it flow through you and allow your body respond to the music. Dance also helps improve macro-motor skills in everyday life and increases your flexibility in both physically- and mentally-stressful situations. It’s okay if you aren’t a great dancer – just log on to Gawin for a dance instructor in the genre that you’re interested in, and we will connect you to dedicated instructors who will take your dancing to a whole new level.

Channel Your Inner Star Through Performing Arts

dancers performing onstagePhoto credit: visualmemories.photography/portfolio

Always dreamed about being a performer? Performing arts will enable you to overcome your fear of crowds so your inner talents can shine through. It’s all about learning how to perform, communicate, sing, and appreciate the music and production. Whether it’s singing broadway musicals or acting on stage, this is a stepping stone to becoming the star you’re meant to be. Learning the art of being an actor also helps you grapple with everyday social situations, morphing you into a real social chameleon as you build your confidence with people. Get connected with us so we can introduce you to the right mentors to help you achieve your dreams.

Be The Next Kobe Bryant Through Basketball

guy's hand gripping basketball

Interested to turn that rebound into a crowd-roaring slam dunk? Then learn basketball! Basketball has been a thriving sport in both America and the Philippines, so why not start now? It teaches a sense of good sportsmanship, camaraderie, ethics, and most of all – strategy! We have basketball instructors to gear you up into a star player on the court.

If you’re interested in any of the hobbies above, just submit a request on Gawin. We can’t wait to introduce you to our wonderful instructors who will patiently walk you through your new hobby every step of the way!