6 Home Office Ideas So You Never Have To Leave Home

Let’s not pretend we’ve never called in sick just so we can work from home, ahem. Going into an office with fluorescent lights, grey drab walls, and way too many people crammed up in a small area is not the most appealing. But with the magic of the internet, we are able to work from anywhere in the world, aka your home. Working from home for some may just be working from the comforts of your bed, but wouldn’t it be way better if you had a designated area you can work from? Here are some home office spaces that certainly take the cake:

source: Brit + Co

Some of us may have a corkboard or two hanging on our walls, but this space took it up a notch and has an entire corkboard wall instead! Now you’re able to keep track of the multitude of documents and post it notes that come your way.

source: Hi I’m Kelly

Instead of relying on a desk lamp or an overhead light to illuminate your workspace, how about placing it in a corner with lots of natural light streaming in? This little setup is perfect, without needing too many extra embellishments. It’s minimal and clean, clearing the space of any extra distractions.

source: Hint Hacks

For the working woman, you need an office space that reflects the go-getter you are. Gold embellishments, small indoor plants, and chic posters give this space a feminine edge. Ladies, your office can certainly be a reflection of the driven individual you are.

source: Apartment Therapy

Running low on space at home? Or maybe you simply don’t have any extra rooms to spare. That doesn’t mean you can’t fit in a home office. Check out this little number here that turns the odd space beneath the stairs into a full functional office space, complete with shelves!

source: Historias De Casa

Conventional office spaces have bland, drab, white walls. But with your own office space, you can jazz your area up any way you want! Use a funky wallpaper to spice up your work environment. But with such a bold wallpaper, make sure you offset that with simpler accessories to avoid sensory overload.

source: Historias De Casa

Bring the outdoors in! Place hanging and potted plants around your desk so it seems like you’re working from the great outdoors. This gives the space a more relaxed feel, but don’t forget to water your plants!

Everyone has different needs and wants out of a home office, and everyone’s style varies. Whether you’re looking to transform an entire room or turn a small space into an office space, our interior designers here at Gawin.ph can help you materialize your dreams!

written by Sereena Low