6 Hobbies to Enjoy For a Stress-Free Mind and Lifestyle

For most people, the New Year means setting new goals and adding must-do’s in one’s bucket list. One great thing to add to your list is finding a new hobby this 2017. Having a hobby helps you wind down and relax after a long, tiring day. Plus, hobbies are things we do for enjoyment and subconsciously, something we do to improve ourselves. Here are some hobbies that you can possibly take up this year.



Having a garden not only helps you de-stress but it also gives you that sense of achievement of growing something. Gardening also adds a nice touch of green in our lives – a colour that helps soothe the eyes after a long stressful day. Besides, growing some plants can definitely help improve the circulation of air inside the house.

Playing Musical Instruments

Woman in Gray Cardigan Playing a Violin

Research suggests that playing musical instruments doesn’t only relieve one of stress but also fosters responsibility and improves one’s time management skills. Of course, a good musician knows that he needs to set time for practice in order to progress quicker. He must also be responsible in taking care of his instruments. More than that, it promotes happiness. Seeing yourself improve day by day is already a great achievement!



What you can’t express in words, you express in action. Dance helps you not only lose weight and improve your overall fitness but also helps you clear your mind. Dancing is also known to improve cognitive process because it coordinates with different senses in your body, teaching mindfulness and can be good in the long run.


camera mounted on tripod

What makes a story? A picture – which speaks a thousand words. It shows how far you have been, what sights you have seen, what memories you made – these are the things that you can cherish. Other than it providing you with a constant DP and cover photo for your facebook page, photography also helps relax you when you realize that all the pictures you have taken immortalize the memories you had in that area.


man holding paintbrush whose hands are covered with paint

Painting helps you release your emotions into your pictures. All the stress you have to deal with – whether it is a packed deadline, an over-demanding boss, an unreasonable set of people – will slowly melt away once you paint onto the canvass. Best of all, there are not many parameters when you paint. Just let everything out and paint.


Fit woman swimming with swimming hat

Want a hobby that gives essential benefits to your body? Then, swimming is for you! It helps keep a healthy circulation in your blood stream because in every movement of your limb, you stretch your body and exert energy constantly. Swimming also gives one instant relaxation as it helps bring focus and gets rid of the unnecessary distractions. Plus, it helps you burn calories while maintaining flexibility.

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written by Katherine Gohu