6 Fun and Cute Photo Ideas For Your Family This Christmas

christmas family photo Photo credit: sharpfamilylaw.com

When the Christmas bells start ringing, you know it’s almost time for the annual Christmas family photo. Whether you’ll be using it for greeting cards or as a marker for another year gone by, a Christmas photo is always a good way to bond with the family. Skip the traditional family portrait where everyone’s serious. This year, get extra creative with your family’s Christmas photo shoot! Here are some ideas to get you started!

Toddler Wins Christmas 

How cute would it be if your favorite toddler could sport a triumphant smile when he or she gets the parents caught in tangles? Let your little one win and create their own little trouble this Holiday season through this creative photoshoot idea!

toddler catches parents in Christmas light ropes Photo credit: sayyippie.blogspot.com

Under the Mistletoe

child puts mistletoe above parents Photo credit: portraitsbysuzy.com

This is another out-of-the-box idea for you and your little rascal! Get him or her to act like cupid and put a mistletoe over you and your partner to create a magical – but mischievous – Christmas family photo.

Morning Christmas

family wearing matching pajamas for Christmas Photo credit: aliexpress.com

Nothing is quite as heartwarming as spending the morning of Christmas with your family in PJ’s and drinking hot choco. Document this moment with your family in matching PJ’s in any area in the house –in your kitchen, eating a delicious Christmas breakfast , or maybe by your Christmas tree, right before the kids open presents.

Christmas Picnic

christmas family photo outside Photo credit: luongphan.com

Who says all the Christmas fun can only happen indoors or in a studio? Go for something more natural with your family and have a photoshoot right at your backyard. Even doing something as simple as hanging Christmas ornaments and dressing up in Christmas colors can still give the photo a Christmas feel!

A Row of Santas

family wears matching Santa hats Photo credit: pinterest.com

Line everyone up in a column like this with matching Santa hats – or any hat, really: you can get imaginative and use reindeer headbands too! You can also form your own human Christmas tree with each family member as part of it and wear colorful Christmas trinkets.

Spell It Out

family holding christmas letter cutouts Photo credit: giddyupcycled.com

Thinking of a new way to send out season’s greetings? Try using letter cutouts like this! Even if you’re not a family of five, you can still use cutout letters in a lot of creative ways – like pinning the last letter on the wall, or having someone hold two letters. You can even encourage your family members to show their quirky side too!

If you want more inspiration, you can go over the web to check out what others are doing with their own Christmas family photos. Can’t decide on choosing the most creative photo idea for you and your family? Gawin’s professional photographers can help you out. Head on over to Gawin to submit a request and we’ll connect you to the right guys who’ll bring out the Christmas spirit in your family and will ensure you’ll make the most out of your annual Christmas photo.

written by Bea Luna