6 Fresh Paint Colors to Make Your Home Lively This Summer

Looking to transform your home? While changing everything from the floor to the ceiling may cost a lot, you can change the entire ambiance of your house or room with a simple trick: paint the walls. Even just painting one accent side with a new color can boost your mood! And while you’re at it, since summer is coming up, you can also paint your walls in fresh colors to match the season and to lessen the heat – brighter colors absorb less light and heat than darker shades, so these are pretty practical too. Choose from any of these paint colors to get started!

Parsley Tint

Photo Credit: laurelberninteriors.com

Photo Credit: laurelberninteriors.com


This pale aqua green shade can almost always guarantee a relaxing time. It looks a lot like the color of the crystal clear sea, so if you’re a big fan of laying back and enjoying the crisp, fresh air by the shore, consider painting your room this color. It goes well with any room where serenity is top priority, like a reading room, your bedroom, or even the living room.

Pale Yellow

6 Fresh Paint Colors to Make Your Home Lively This Summer2

Photo Credit: www.decidebank.com


It’s bright and sunny enough to be reminiscent of summer (and make the room a little bit cooler), but not too bright that it hurts the eyes. It looks great with white or cream furniture too, so it can perfectly match the white tiles of your bathroom or the cream white furniture of your living area.

Pale Sky Blue

6 Fresh Paint Colors to Make Your Home Lively This Summer3

Photo Credit: bedroomstyle.erichinenglish.org


If you have strong hues for your furniture – along the lines of bright orange or regal purples – this color might be something you’d want to consider. This light, airy, almost-white tint makes you feel as though you’re flying among the clouds, while still making the room feel fresh and vibrant. This would look great in bathrooms, bedrooms and dining rooms too.

Lime Green

6 Fresh Paint Colors to Make Your Home Lively This Summer4

Photo Credit: zainabie.com


A little like Parsley Tint, but less minty and more reminiscent of a delicious margarita by the beach, this color is perfect for those looking to strike a balance between “vibrant and upbeat” and “serene and relaxing.” Place it in rooms where eating and chatting is the name of the game – namely your kitchen and your dining area.

Gray Green

Photo Credit: www.villaguru.com

Photo Credit: www.villaguru.com


It may not look as colorful and bright as the other colors upon first look, but this color looks great on walls, especially among different shades of wood. This classy tint gives off a sophisticated but outdoorsy vibe, without sacrificing the temperature of the room. Use this for bathrooms, libraries or your home office.

Faded Peach

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com


If you’re a lover of pink, you’ll love this color. It’s faded peach, so it’s not too bright and bold that it strains the eyes, but it’s also not too subdued that it’s boring. It’s sophisticated too, and it goes well with both dark and light shades of whites, grays, and blacks – it goes well with gold, too! Use it for your bedroom or your living room!

Whether you like chic and sophisticated interior design, or you favor a more outdoorsy vibe, you can sport a fresh, summer look for your home. Start redecorating with any of these tints! If you need help repainting your walls after you’ve selected your colors, you can send a request on Gawin.ph to get quotes from the best painting service providers for your needs.