6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of That Holiday Weight

Have you noticed your jeans getting harder to put on, or your shirts getting tighter? It’s probably because you’ve gained a little holiday weight. In that case, don’t worry – you don’t need a full-on one-year diet plan in 2017 to be able to fit into those jeans again. While it’s easier to wish you simply hadn’t eaten that last bite of cake during Christmas dinner, it’s a whole lot more productive to focus on these 6 things you can do to get rid of that holiday weight.

Eat Healthy

healthy food prepared on the table

In general, you don’t have to cut down on the amount of food you take so drastically. Start by slowly trading the food on your current diet with food that have less salt and sugar. For starters, you can trade in fried chicken and hotdogs for healthier options, like steamed chicken or fish. As a rule of thumb, eating healthy requires balancing the three food groups: vegetables and fruits, carbohydrates and protein sources like meat, and avoiding processed food like canned corned beef.



Detoxing is an all-natural, effective and quick way to get rid of unhealthy toxins that may be residing in your body especially after all the holiday feasts. Detoxification works by cleansing and removing impurities from the blood. It helps stimulate the liver to filter toxins from the body, and eliminate toxins through your intestines, kidneys and skin. You can start by reducing your intake of alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, and saturated fats. Then you can research online for the detox diet that’s right for you – fruit and veggie detox, juice cleanse, and sugar detox are among the most popular.

Drink Lots of Water

clear glass h20 bottle

Remember when we were kids, and our moms used to tell us to drink 8 glass of water a day? Turns out, there’s some wisdom to that. Drinking more water reduces the amount of food we eat, and it’s because people usually mistake thirst for hunger. So before you grab that chocolate bar or bag of chips to munch on, reach out for a glass of water instead to help you feel full, minus the extra fat.

Resist That Craving

resisting chocolates and sweets Photo credit: brainmdhealth.com

Studies show that the usual craving only lasts for about ten minutes. So when you find yourself in the kitchen, especially to satisfy a late-night craving, wait for ten minutes instead to make the craving go away. The little amount of self-control can go a long way. Instead, opt to tackle an item on your to-do list or reach for a glass of water to keep yourself busy.

Eat More Often


The key to weight loss isn’t eating less, period, it’s eating less but more often. Studies have shown that people who tend to keep their weight off tend to eat in fewer quantities, but more frequently throughout the day. So instead of loading up on a carbo-loaded lunch, you can opt for a smaller meal then have a healthy snack (think fruits and nuts) in the late afternoon. This kind of meal plan does not only decrease your appetite, it boosts your energy and improves your mood too.


young woman is swimming in the pool

And last but not the least, exercise. Getting rid of holiday weight isn’t only achievable through eating right – physical activity is required too. 30 minutes of exercise a day should help, and your exercise routine doesn’t have to be at the level of an olympics athlete’s. Just keep your heart rate elevated, whether it’s through jogging or a fun sport you’ve always liked to try.

One of the most effective exercise routines is swimming. It’s safe, and in the water, so you don’t have to sweat much, but you get to burn calories anyway. This is perfect for those who want to avoid sweating as much as possible while shedding off the extra pounds, and perfect as well for weekends or after-office workout sessions as immersing in water helps keep stress levels down while boosting energy levels up. You can get your own private swimming lessons just by booking through Gawin! Head on over to Gawin Direct and request for the best swimming lessons at affordable, fixed prices.

written by Bea Luna