6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Enough This Summer

Every year, it’s becoming hotter around the world, which means bad news for us. We’re part of the unlucky ones who get beaten down by the scorching sun when it’s really out and shining, especially in the summer. As summer is coming up, we better get ready for intense (and possibly unbearable) heat. Here are six easy ways to keep your home cool this hot season.

Add More Plants

White Minimalist Family Room Decorating Ideas With White Sofa, Rug And Glass Table And Pretty Green Indoor Plants Photo credit: rackbench.com

We learned this in school: more green means less heat. Plants absorb the sunlight in order for photosynthesis to occur, and in doing so produce more oxygen. Adding more plants into your home doesn’t only help it cool down, but it’s also scientifically proven to increase our sense of well-being and lift our moods!

Get Rid of Incandescent Lights

incandescent or fluorescent bulbs Photo credit: ecoevolution.ie

Incandescent lights not only emit heat – they consume a whole lot of electricity too. This type of lights spend up to 90% of their energy in radiating heat. This means that getting rid of them and replacing them with compact fluorescent lamps may not only lower the temperature in your home, but save you a lot of money too.

Keep the Shades Down

home with shades put down Photo credit: pinterest.com

This one isn’t really rocket science – keeping your shades down keeps the sunlight out, and so keeps the heat out. But what many don’t know is that keeping the shades or curtains down on your windows can actually lower the temperature inside your home by several degrees.

Transform Your Fan

girl stands in front of electric fan and ice bowl Photo credit: wikiyeah.com

It may seem like something from cartoon shows, but it really works in life. Simply fill a bowl with ice and place it in front of your fan. The moment you turn on your fan feels like you just turned on a miniature aircon!

Focus On Your Temperature Instead

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It may be tempting to keep running around the house looking for ways to lower the temperature, but this will only make it worse. Instead, focus on what you can control: your own body temperature. You’ll feel a lot better, and it’s easy to do too. You can make yourself some iced candy, a shake or iced drinks, or apply an ice pack on your neck and wrists to cool off.

Grill Itfood on grill Photo credit: img.foodnetwork.com

As much as possible, avoid using your oven or stove. Doing so will only add to the heat you feel inside your home, so best to grill your food as much as possible to keep the heat out. Imagine all that grilled pork, chicken and barbecue – paired up with rice, beer and good company, you can even host a grilling party!

While these techniques will help you survive the summer heat, they might not be enough to make you feel comfortable. Coming home from a long day at work to a hot house may not be something you’ll be looking forward to – and besides, keeping on using ice for the fan and letting it melt is not really the most sustainable solution.

To keep your home’s temperature at bay, opt to have an aircon installed at home and make sure you seek help from professional aircon specialists. If you already have an aircon at home and it seems it’s not cooling enough, maybe it needs aircon cleaning or repair. Head on over to Gawin.ph and we’ll help you find an aircon specialist for you!

written by Bea Luna